Golf Balls – 36 Pack

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Golf Balls - 36 Pack
$14.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Recycled

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Look at all those sweet balls. First and last time you will catch me saying that. :wink:


Had a vas 2 years ago… I might just need these, and I don’t play golf.

woot is selling a set of balls. the sperm test has to be next

mmmmmm, golf balls and spaghetti

For a hack like me, that’s enough for 2 rounds, before they’re all at the bottom of a pond.

Only 31 “oww’s”. What happened to the rest of the golf balls?

Why is there a choice when I can only choose Nike?

Lets “occupy” woot.

As my friend once said “Golf… you mean, like, outside?”

See Woots by state map to identify states where men need more balls.

Ain’t no BOC, but it is a Box of Balls!!! and who wouldn’t want their balls in a box?!?!?

USED Balls!!!

Ewwww . . . .

Well, you need a lot of balls to play golf the way I do.

Now, that’s a high quality post by a (wo)man with lot of time at disposal.

Only 31 OW!'s…watch out man, she’s still armed!

Woot will then sell them back to you.