Golf Balls – 36 Pack

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Golf Balls - 36 Pack
$14.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Recycled

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Woot got a lot of balls to offer something like this.

i did my part, get on this wooters!

“Cum git yer balls”

No man is ever a man without some Balls.

taylor gang


HARD drives to balls…is BOC next?

Now I’m just pissed off. I got these balls not too long ago for the same price. This is a weak Woot Off.

umad bro?

Who needs more than two? Just wondering.

Indeed…Well said!

OMFG save my holy ballzzzzzzz


I must say, these balls are superb.

holy shit theres alot of these balls… btw I have no need for more used balls. They have been in my hand for the last 9 hours

we’ve reached a new milestone. Golf balls ???

from graphic cards to HP computer heaven to samurai knife collections and now will be plastered with golf balls.

I’ll woot this, if i get to drive them straight at a blindfolded Amazon VP’s head.

Condition: Recycled

Oh HECK YEAH! That is going to appeal to the “Green” folks much better than Refurbished!

Come to think of it, from now on that’s how I’m listing all my used items for sale. Forget used, it’s RECYCLED!