Golf Balls – 36 Pack

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Golf Balls - 36 Pack
$14.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Recycled

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Surplus of balls today.


I would totally buy some packs if they were Pro-V for my dad.

Gotta love recycled balls

I really wish I could see what they looked like. Some used balls are not even worth the shipping cost.

I only play Rangé.

there not used
there recycled
thought ya would like that.

ok maybe there used I misread it.
But there Newly Recycled HEHE

but you never know. maybe 1 is autographed :stuck_out_tongue:

When I was a kid, my brother would go snorkeling for golf balls in the pond on the golf course. So, these are “recycled” like that?!

Rest assured that they are round , white , and have dimples in them. Even if you could look at them, you will prolly not get what you see.

I’m holdin out for Schwetty Balls

Cool! Blank 100-sided dice!

Oh yeah. A bag of crap without the surprise. Just what I need…3 dozen used golf balls of unknown compression and origin. Be willing to part with the 3 barrels of balls in my garage…Free to a good home, bring your own packaging though and we don’t ship for $5.00…I’ll be back in an hour

I got a few sacks of Schwetty Balls for gifts last year.

$14.99 for “Improved wood”

Sounds like a good deal!

I purchased these during the last Woot-Off and they are junk. They are not worth the money.

If they included a ball washer I’d be game… ::evil grin::