Golf Balls

I ordered these (Callaway) golf balls 3 days ago for 12.99, now they’re 9.99? Is there a price guarantee?

Got 5 dz the last offering. I play 3 times a week, am a 6 hdcp and these balls work fine. They are the 2010 or earlier ProV1’s but unless you are making serious money off of your golf game the price of these make sense.

I get a clunker once in a while, but almost all of the balls work just like the new ones. Maybe a few yards shorter on drives, but not enough to notice. (where these come from) sell them for considerably more.

Me too :frowning:

Stay far, far away from the “recycled” golf balls. I bought a dozen of the Titleist, and I could have found better balls in the 50 cent bin. Some were discolored, others had lots of writing on them via a permanent marker. I knew I was not getting new golf balls, but these were bad, bad, bad. Customer support did not help at all. The refinished mint golf balls, on the other hand, are quite nice.

Ive bought 4 dozen of these here for 14.99 recently … Woot not making enough money eh? Now their 16.99