Golf Clubs, Balls and Accessories

TP3 balls are on sale at Dick’s for $25. This is still a better deal. If I had of seen these before I would have bought them off Woot!
The TP5’s are an AMAZING deal though. I might pick up a box of those.

Uhm…we need to get some woot for the left-handed folk. I’d love some new clubs too!

Did anyone see the shaft flex on the AMP graphite irons?

Regular flex.

The Callaway hybrids are exclusively left-handed for those of you who are exclusively left-handed.

Does anybody know the difference between the Senior and Ladies clubs. I wanted to purchase Cobra Amps for my wife but you all don’t carry the women’s version.

The difference is in the length and shaft flex.

A little bird whispered in my ear that Cobra women’s will be available very, very, very soon.

Does anyone know how many “kick me” signs I would expect to find on my back after playing a round of golf toting around a set of “Shih-tzu” head covers on my clubs?