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FYI… specs say the length is 45". The way I read reviews on other sites, 45.5" is a woman’s and 46.5" is a man’s.

With the cost of clubs and the specialization of clubs, I think the best option is to go to your local golf shop and get fitted for a pair of clubs. The will choose the right loft, length and stiffness for you. They also take a look at your swing and will talk to you about what type of clubs is best for you. If these fit your swing and are the right length for you, this is a good deal.

The gloves and other things are okay prices. Nothing special.

Thank you woot, for telling us golfers that a left glove is for a right handed golfer. Do the golf shoes have “r” and “l” on them too?

The actual specs are 59 degree with 9 for bounce. Its 35" and D3 swing weight.

No gloves for right handed women golfers? Boo…

You guys should try selling left handed golf clubs sometimes.