Golf Irons

The description says that the set includes an AW, but the specs do not list the AW. Can someone confirm if there is in fact an AW in this iron set? Also, the picture shows a 3-hybrid, but there’s no inclusion of that club in the specs either…

I’m sorry, I’m having trouble pointing out which set your referring to- can you be more specific please? I’d be happy to check on it for you!

I’m curious about this in the Callaway RAZRX NG 4-PW set for $269.99.

Thanks so much, I’ll check up on that for ya with our buyer and let you know ASAP.

That set does in fact include 4-PW and an AW.

Shouldn’t these be in “sport”? The lines are getting so blurry!

On the Nike VR_S clubs, there are 2 different pictures.

Is one the VR_S S and one the VR_S X? And what’s the difference (google failed me on that one)?

Is there anyway to get a hold of the manufacturer to size the clubs appropriately? I like the deal, but I’m 6’5 and need 1" longer and a lie adjustment.

(Edit: Okay, never mind this comment; I just saw that my answer is now in the product description)

For the Wilson Ci11 irons…any word on what kinds of shafts come with them? Are they the original True Temper TX Flighted?

The clubs are fine. You’re the one that’s sized inappropriately.

My wife has said that before about my shaft length as well… So you’re not the first.

Are the Adams IdeaTech V4 Graphite Clubs an older model? These appear shiny and most ads I see for them are dark grey and shiny combination. Also, are the 7-GW forged?

Are you going to sell these again?

Bummer I missed them!

How do we know that these are not counterfeit clubs? I heard a statistic that nearly 80% of clubs purchased online were counterfeit. I always try to stick with a reputable vendor ("D1ck$ (it censored the name) Sporting Goods, Golf Galaxy, etc…). Can you prove that these are not counterfeit?

Do you know what year the TaylorMade TP MD Forged irons are from?

Adams Lady Tight Lies Graphite 4-PW,GW RH
Out of stock I want to buy that … just. Only know?

Good question!

You seriously believe Amazon - the worlds largest on line retailer - would sell counterfeit clubs?

The picture is messed up if you order the Callaway RAZRX NG Steel 4-PW,AW Irons. On the order page it shows a picture of the Callaway RAZR Combo set. Hopefully that’s nothing I need to be concerned about.