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Bought the Killer Whale driver last time it was on there. It did not come with the pictured head cover! Woot would not send me one either.

I see that it states whats in the box ((1) Wilson WGD981000 Men’s Killer Whale Driver) the description also states this item is new which would mean it would come with its respectable head cover that is on the listing in a separate picture. If the head cover was not included why post a whole separate picture of it on the listing. These head covers only come with the clubs and cannot be purchased separately. I would like to keep the club but I would like to understand why extra pictures were added to the listing to deceive people. Is this going to become a common practice on Woot?

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Thank you for taking the time to email us. We appreciate your concerns as well as your business.

The photos are designed to give an idea of what the item is and not all items included within the photos are not necessarily everything that will be included within the order. The “In the Box” section is what should be included for all products sold.

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I am thinking about purchasing some of the Baffler irons and would like to know if these are factory direct or if they are counterfeit. Please let me know. Thanks.