Golf On, Brah!

Hey, is that what Dog the Bounty Hunter says?!?

…The last 4 dozen made great stocking stuffers !

you guys change the price on that wilson prostaff bag more than I change my socks. and at one time it was two different prices on your site, just under different tabs.

One comes with clubs, the other doesn’t.

But are the clubs worth it?

these are as good a bang for buck for golf clubs - no one walks on courses, it takes too long, but the bag is cool when take them off your cart - for beginner or once a year player - will last you 10 years plus - pull the trigger hacker and have a blast

Yep…at this price point the newbies will be clogging up the fairways in no time! Good-Get for the dollar.

I’m guessing right handed is the only option for the clubs…?

what about the size of the clubs???/

I am 6 foot 3 inches tall and wondering if these would be too short for me?


David - assuming you are a standard sized person with all of the correct ratios, I think you’ll find that taller people are blessed with longer arms. That means you don’t really need longer golf clubs. You may, however, need to get the lie angles on these tweaked.

By the way, I paid about as much for my last wedge as this entire set costs, so I think you should probably keep your expectations in check.