Golf Shoes Galore

According to many review sites, the sizes of these shoes are ½ size too big. Plan accordingly!

What’s funny is they say in the write-up that it “fits true to size.” BIG AND BOLD…yet other reviews state otherwise. I also think it’s funny they say 10mm rather than 1cm, but that’s just cause I’m crazy.

For what it’s worth, most the reviews I see are very positive. Claiming the shoe is super light and very flexible. Some complain they’re almost too soft and thin and provide little arch support, but there aren’t many reviews like that.

Sigh. I am still waiting for shipping from shoes I ordered 10 days ago.

I’m very sorry to hear that you’re still waiting for your order to arrive.

If you haven’t already, I would recommend that you write into Woot Member Services at and let them know. They’ll be more than happy to help answer any questions or concerns you may have about your order.

True Linkswear are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. I thought Ecco’s were amazing and the final word, but the True’s are so light, and feel more like wearing bedroom slippers. After playing 18 I am not rushing to take them off.

The shoes are designed to run big, that is what makes them barefoot, lets your toes move a little. I wear a 47 in eccos and a 13 in Trues.

Most shoes, of all types, have a heal that is higher than the forefoot. The True’s are what they call a “zero drop” shoe. This means the heal is at the same height as the forefoot. It takes some getting used to, but is very comfortable once you do.

I’m going to agree with the above poster, these are my go to walking a round golf shoes. I find myself no longer bringing a pair of sandals to slip on immediately after a round since these are so comfortable. I have even been caught wearing these many hours after a round hanging out with friends, they’re just that comfortable. I have an extra wide foot and find these are the first pair of golf shoes that actually accommodate me.

I, like many fellow wooters have a pair of these shoes.

They’re my favorites to walk in by far. They’re super comfortable and have held up over the last year very well (I walk 18 every weekend, sometimes 36).

They do have funky sizes, so I would go to golfsmith (or somewhere local that carries them) and see how you fit.

I’ve had ecco’s and they’re nice too, but these are better walking shoes for me.

Where did $129.99 come from for the True Phoenix shoes? Even their website lists their retail price as $99.99.

Still a good deal, but it seems like someone is trying to make it sound like a better deal than it is.

Tried that. Unfortunately, I got the standard response. “It has not shipped yet…keep checking”. Well, duh.

I have the True Tours and they are unbelievable. Best shoes (not just golf) I have ever owned. Pretty slick deal considering these dont seem to go on sale too often.

It they don’t arrive by the date they were promised just challenge the charge on your credit card.

This seems to be the way Woot is doing things now. No update on tracking, no items, and they hold your money throughout the whole process. I’m about to have to go through disputing a club purchase myself. I would urge everyone to shy away from their deals (and really, this site in general now), as there’s never really going to be a way to know whether or not you’re ordering from their warehouse or whether or not your order is being passed along to some third-party vendor. Moreover, all you receive the entire time is copy-and-paste response with no real information.

The money you save isn’t worth the potential headache.

I hate to see this happening. I remember several years ago if I had a concern, it would be addressed immediately. Now, it is the standard boilerplate response, and no follow up at all to my follow up questions. I don’t mind waiting a week, but if you promise delivery within 3-8 business days, I would expect a proper response other than “keep checking”. Sad, sad, sad…

i apologize for the delay. as a lowly moderator, i don’t have specific order information and i’m afraid i can’t provide more details than what you already know.

i’ve forwarded these posts up the proverbial ladder. in the meantime, i urge you to keep in touch with the folks at (sounds like you’ve been doing that already). they will have the most current info.

i realize you’ve been waiting for an update for some time and this is undoubtedly frustrating. i’m sorry for the hassle.

Yep. I think the biggest problem is that the $435 that has already been deducted from my bank account (stupid me for using a debit card with a company from which I’ve ordered for 5 years now, I guess!) and, I assume, sent to their outside vendor. I have no way to cancel the order, even though it hasn’t shipped. Several folks had commented on the club deal (after my order had been placed) that they had experienced Woot holding their money for weeks, never shipping the clubs, and finally refunding the money because they were out of stock, so I’m mentally preparing for that.

What ticks me off the most is that I could’ve had the exact same product already at my place for ~$40 more, sans headaches and anger.

Picked up a pair of the TL PHX back in November and they are easily one of the most comfortable golf shoes I’ve ever worn. They do fit true to size HOWEVER the one thing you need to keep in mind is that the front of the foot is going to be pretty wide which is just the way TL cuts their shoes. They will feel a bit awkward at first because the shoe is designed to promote the proper posture at address but when you get used to them they are like wearing a pair of sneakers. I would definitely suggest trying on a pair before ordering though.

I guess that makes them “better” than most shoes, but barefoot is always you healthies option.