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If only the shoes were in black…

I bought the recycled Pro V1 balls last time they were for sale here, and they arrived scratched, dinged, scuffed, gouged, and dirty. Pretty sure a lot of other people were just as disappointed as I was.

Woot refunded my money and let me keep the balls, but that didn’t change the fact that they were nothing more than glorified range balls. PASS.

Agreed. They were also 12.99 last time.

Woot was nice to refund your money. The description says that “recycled” means washed. You’re buying clean, used golf balls. They are going to be dinged, gouged and scratched. And even washing won’t get rid of all the dirt.

To get rid of scratches and dings, you’ll have to strip and recoat the ball’s outer layer, and the description explicitly states that this hasn’t been done. Apparently that affects the ball somehow.

Are they worth it? Probably not. But woot isn’t being dishonest about the condition of the balls you’re buying.

Recycled/Refurbished ProV1s should not be used by any decent golfer. They play nothing like a fresh ProV

Yep, I bought some recycled Pro-V1s from a local store. Most are still rolling around in my trunk. Don’t buy recycled, you NEVER know how the ball is going to play. You are better off buying a cheap dozen brand new.

Woot, please put up something other than GPSs and that Callaway driver. I need me some golf gear, but not that stuff. MORE VARIETY PLEASE.

Pass, pass, double pass, and pass again. I bought three dozen last go and more than half of them WERE range balls, with the word PRACTICE printed right on them. Out of the remaining half, all but FOUR had serious skidmarks (not that kind…). Summary: For nearly $40 I received 4 usable balls and a bucket of canyon balls.

In this specific situation, the post should mention a rating (A to AAAA and Mint is the typical standard). I expected some shoddy balls but we’re not talking dirt here. Out of the 3 dozen I purchased for nearly $40, I received fewer usable balls than I’d find in a small- to medium bucket at the local range for $3 to $5.

I don’t blame Woot! and didn’t ask for a refund purely because I took responsibility for my own decision despite the suspect price. Still, I’d have a tough choice to make even if they only cost the price of shipping.

The RAZR X Black is a gem. I have the 9.5 in Stiff and have never hit a driver this well. I tried it at Golf Galaxy and liked it soo much, I immediately bought it online when I got home. Now I am bombing it consistently past 275y+.

If you like the Callaway driver but want different loft and stiffness combinations, it is available at Golfsmith on sale today for $149.99 with free shipping plus possible tax. Look for the coupon code on the GS site.

They also offer pickup in-store for relatively instant gratification.

I’ve collected a lot of golf-related daily deal/limited time offer sites and have to say that these GPS deals have been out there a long time. If anyone wants the list of sites let me know.

Agree some of balls were even stamped “Practice” it was a waste of money!

Ohhh man, i wish i had asked for my money back, i just chalked it up as a loss. I used maybe 3 of the 12 balls that i received. as you said, these balls were not worth the money.

Oh sweet! Here’s some items we haven’t seen before…

A rabbi, minister and priest walk into a bar. The bartender says, “Hey, what is this? Some kind of joke?”

More golf stuff would be great!

I did the same but did not get back to Woot, because I did not really inspect them 'til months later. They were truly crap. Save your money, buy new or overruns of excess logo balls. THese are not the ProV1’s you’re looking for…

Different color and I’d buy - doesn’t even have to be leather those shoes are good!