How about some LH clubs every now and then? Some of us play from the wrong side of the tees…oh, wait, that came out wrong!

Was going to execute on the Taylormade Rocketbladez then found out that these are not the regular Rocketblades with the speedpocket technology that’s commonly associated with this line (and the 2014 line)

Guess that’s why they are so cheap. Not saying the speedpockets makes a difference as I’ve never hit these HL lines for comparsion but just buyers beware.

Dear Woot

I’d love to pick up a new set of clubs, and I’m sure you’d love to get these out of your warehouse. Problem is the college student in me can’t justify spending $300 now that school is starting up. Any chance you’ve got a 66% off coupon lying around? =D

With love,