Please feel free to brag about your l33t skillz on the golf course, and how well these items hold up to the challenges of the green!

the Spackler golf bag?

that’s random


Purchased shirt 9/14
CC Charged by Woot 9/15
CC Refunded by Woot with no email notice 9/27


Only ordered my other item due to combined $5 shipping. Now no benefit. Boo-urns.

Did you check your spam folder for the missing email? Sometimes spam folders seem to really find our emails irresistible, so it’s worth a shot.

I did look through my spam folder, no luck.

I’m not that bitter, just disappointed. I know stuff like this happens - but seems odd from an inventory management standpoint in this day and age. It’s not like Woot is the largest internet retailer on the planet or anything - they’re just owned by the largest internet retailer on the planet.