Goliath Industry Wifi OBD2 Scanner

I purchased one of these several weeks ago from woot. Unfortunately it didn’t work with any of my cars

What kind of cars do you own ?

What year were your cars made? The product description says “compatible with all 1996 to 2016 cars and small trucks in the United States”. So what’s your deal? If you have an ODB2 dock/port it should plug right in. I have a 1993 jeep and it is Chrysler proprietary ODB1, which has a different plug in and needs an adapter to convert it to ODB2. Also a smaller set of error codes for any ODB1 cars. You will need to find an adapter or make one if your car id older than 1996.

Can you reset the check engine light with this reader?

I could not get this device to work on any of my cars either. I have a 99 vw jetta, 2002 pontiac grand am and a 2002 chevy trailblazer. Do not purchase this piece of crap. I even tried contacting goliath to see what the problem was and got no replies.

Sorry for the frustration.
Contact our CS for some options. Please use the Customer Service form for assistance.