GoMotion Street Runner Lifevest & Cliplite Bundle

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GoMotion Street Runner Lifevest & Cliplite Bundle
$34.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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WTB New F5 Key.


You can TOTALLY look like ironman!

Not my bag of crap yet, but still looks like a good deal

You must not have heard me woot.

Bring me the bundle of carrots… now.

Lets see how badly this one breaks the Woot servers.

At least it’s not refurbished.

Go woot go…

I’ve always wanted a space suit

OMG It’s a bag… that is crap!

Go, Go Gadget Life Vest!!!


really crappy but not crappy enough

Wow, if I wanted to look even MORE like a nerd, this would do it.

At least its a bag!

Woot do you actually think I ever leave my computer? Come on!