GoMotion Street Runner Lifevest & Cliplite Bundle

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GoMotion Street Runner Lifevest & Cliplite Bundle
$34.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Buy these for your friend who wears the helmet inside.

I want a woot jetpack!

Nah, that’s not nerdy. Not nerdy at all!

Does this come with turn signals too?


Lifevest? I doubt it floats. with me in it.

will this help me find the missing?

Iron Man!

For some reason I thought of Iron Man when I saw this.

buy these for your friends that are getting sleep right now and actually exercise

What The Falala?!

Does this “lifevest” contain that thing that Ironman inserted in his chest cavity?

Separate from the vest there are “two flashing tail lights”. Dare I ask???

Is this our goodnight woot?

2 down, no movement at all. Gonna be a long one.

I saw someone running with one of these the other night. It is very effective, especially at night - lets whoever is chasing you keep tabs. Handy!

that’s all she wrote.

if there’s more than one, it could take days to sell out.

Only if its a refurb.