Gone Fishin'

Is there a size associated with the fishing vest? (M, L, XL, etc.)

What sizes are available for this vest?

What size is it???

What sizes please.

Does anyone know if the handles on the Penn fishing reels are reversible??

I believe that you can switch the handle to allow for left or right hand retrieve. I know most spinning reels are made that way.

I love the person fly fishing in the background while using NONE of the products for sale here. This isn’t a knock on any of these products. It’s merely an observation.

Penn has a new Spinfisher out which is why these are on sale. These are not made in the US like they used to be, I think they are made in China now.

My genuine US made Penn reels are old and still work like the day they were purchased. Both Spinners and International II’s. The spinner was the first big purchase I made while growing up. I spent about what woot is asking for these back in 1992-ish. I still have it and it looks and works like new.

If it were me, I’d do some extensive research on the China versions to see if they are of the same quality or not. It’s pretty rare to have something last decades in Salt Water abuse!