Gonna Make You Lunch

this shirt is money! In for one

It’s peanut butter jelly time! Nice, congrats!

Best week on shirt.woot all year, imo.

Would a purchase of this shirt come with a free loaf of bread?

Sounds like a number-one Jam.

I’m so, so sorry for that.

I thought we were getting bag shirts. Isn’t it Friday?

So…where are the bags?

Who won the bag derby?

Guess what I’m jamming to.

I am so gonna make a PB & J sandwich right now-- as well as buy this shirt.


And here’s the inspiration.

And maybe this.

But probably not this.

The don’t have any lids they must have flipped them. (rimshot)

They were a threesome until Jelly and Fluff started to fight over PB.

If someone messily ate a PB&J sandwich while wearing this shirt, would anyone notice?

Congrats on the print! I always liked this design.

Gonna make me lunch?
I don’t wanna be lunch!

Yeah, I was wondering that too.

Congrats on the print, artulo! Glad Woot decided to do more ECs. :slight_smile:

Why is the peanut butter holding an asterisk in its hand?

I’ll bet you have to buy the t-shirt to find out!