Good Ideas 50 Gallon Rain Barrel, Oak

Excellent reviews from Amazon
Reviews from Wayfair in a different color

Gotta love the rain barrel being sold next to the Havahart Critter Traps…

Check out this video [youtube=_dncweoTZA4][/youtube]

Don’t know this brand but it seems like an OK deal - especially shipped for $5. Check your local water-authority for sales as I picked up 3 for the same price but bigger. Not as fancy looking but it’s the same thing and just connected each other with a hose - no need for proprietary connections.

I am still in disbelief that harvesting rain is considered theft in some areas. You can’t have water that falls from the sky.

also check your local friendly jurisdiction for legality. these used to be illegal in some drought areas.

These are actually illegal in my county. Hopefully that will change, but there are a lot of old out of date agricultural laws on the books which forbid the practice of collecting rain water as it could deprive other land owners fair access to water.

mosquito farm.

State Rainwater Harvesting Statues, Programs and Legislation plus Map of Rainwater Harvesting States

Note that nobody in New Mexico is buying one of these because they just use their (or Heisenberg’s) empty methylamine drums.

Come on Woot!, you had a perfect opportunity to do a Breaking Bad reference in the write-up here, I’m disappoint!

Installed a barrel like this at my previous house, it worked well and this is a good price! Mine didn’t have the flat back though, from a distance you can hardly tell it is plastic (ok, not really).

Anybody have any insight as to how hard of a rain it takes to fill one of these? I’m sure there is some fancy math formula given the square footage of your roof and such. Can these be interconnected together?

Hard to believe anyone would actually try to enforce such a statute. Those rules were written a hundred years ago. Since then it was discovered that 97% of rainwater never reaches a stream, it’s either used by vegetation or evaporates. New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma actively encourage homeowners to collect rainwater.

one gallon is 231 cubic inches so 50 gallons is 11550 cubic inches. Short answer is one inch over 80 square feet of roof should fill it.
Yes they can interconnect.
IN FOR THREE… can’t beat the shipping!

The matching stand is $36 from Amazon. Kinda spendy for a $50 item. Anyone know of an alternative source?

I considered getting one of these last time they were offered and ended up getting a 200 gal collapsible one from Sams’s for a little more. It works really well for keeping my yard from turning into a swamp when it rains. It takes a day or two of light ran to fill it, although I’ve had it fill halfway in as little as an hour during a real gully-washer.

Look, I’m glad the actual barrel specs say it’s made out of BPA free plastic. So why does the description say “oak” at the end? I mean you can’t even say it looks like oak.

oak is the color out of all the different colors this barrel is marketed in.