Good Ideas Big Blue 55 Rain Barrel, Blue

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Good Ideas Big Blue 55 Rain Barrel, Blue
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It’s a frickin plastic barrel with a spigot. What is there to review?

Sadly, rainwater collection is still illegal in Colorado.

If it leaks or not would be one thing to review

It seems like the new trend with these water barrels is to put the spigot half way up in the middle of the barrel leaving half the water in the barrel unusable since it will not drain out the spigot.

Whats up with that? This is a serious question people! Literally half the water in the barrel can not be drained out via the spigot. You have to pull the drain plug at the bottom to gain access to half the water in your barrel!!! If I haven’t had rain in a week and wanted to fill my watering can, I would not be able to because the water level in my barrel would be below half. Pulling the drain plug to fill a watering can is asinine!

Are people too lazy to bend over to twist a spigot? Are people too stupid to buy a riser or even 2 cinder blocks to raise up the barrel so they don’t have to bend over to turn the lever?

Can anyone please tell me why the new barrels are coming out with this ridiculous design?

Hey, I have strong feelings about spigots I need to share too, just not on this one in particular.

Sadly, someone always posts this same stupid link EVERYTIME woot sells a rain barrel.

My entire family & extended family live in Colorado and most of them have multiple rain barrels attached to their downspouts. They bought these rain barrels in big box stores in Colorado. Woot sells and ships these to Colorado.

Please, loose the stupid link, and move on with your life. No one in Colorado cares. None of my family have been ticketed or fined by rogue county sheriffs.

If you live in CO you should try to be a big boy (or girl) for once and buy a rain barrel at your local store and set it up. Nothing is going to happen to you. If you are not living in CO, you have no business posting things you know nothing about.

I have always liked the idea of collecting water, but it would take ten thousand seven hundred and 49.67 years for that 65 dollar, 55 gallon blue plastic bottle to pay for itself.

“There are 748 gallons of water in a billing unit (100 cubic feet). On average, one gallon of water costs only $0.0047. Ten gallons of water costs less than five cents. One hundred gallons of water costs approximately 47 cents.”

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But, pot isn’t!

Just sayin’

You can’t collect rain, but you CAN smoke weed!


How about this week’s story?

Water matters in Colorado and the West. There isn’t enough to go around. Just ask a Californian.

Sure, you can flout the law, just like most people drive above the speed limit, but that doesn’t make it right or legal.

And it doesn’t keep it off craigslist, either:

Sedimentation. SOMETHING fell in that drum, and you want it to settle.

Oh, “barrel” is a measurement. “Drum” might be a size.

That “barrel” holds 55 gallons, if you’re lucky.

Anywhere from 2.71 bushels (cranberries) to 200 pounds of cornmeal.

Of course, YMMV! (Your mileage may vary!) And, with these “barrels” it WILL!


it says there are two optional spigot locations, and shows a photo of the plug removed from the lower one. So it DOES have an option for the spigot at the bottom.

So, no, people are not too stupid or lazy to turn a lower positioned spigot.

Reading the actual description? I guess that is too hard for some.

I have neighbors who are buying 3000 gallon tanks and paying for water trucks to come fill them because their wells are dry after 4 years of extreme drought. 1/4" of rain on about 400 square feet of roof fills my 50 gallon rain barrel, so it doesn’t take much precip. I’ve collected about 300 gallons of water for my wife’s gardens since May. Worth every penny. My only issue is the water gets stinky, we can’t use it in the flower pots near our windows!

I bought one here on woot about a year ago because of someone else’s comment… I live in FL, the AC runs a lot and purges a lot of water that it removes from the air in my house. I connected the AC water drip hose to my rain barrel and use it to water plants on days we don’t get rain. It has stayed full all summer and helped on dry weeks.

I know its going to take a long time to recoup the cost, but I’m happy to not be using city water to water plants and putting the water that comes out of our house to use.

very expensive for what it is. i would expect at leastva fake wood look to it, not industrial garbage look. who wants a blue barrel outside their house?

I work at a hospital. We purchase a disinfectant called Cavicide which arrives in containers that look exactly like this one. The barrels get thrown in the dumpster and are free for the taking. High volume bakeries & other industries also have more of these than they know what to do with.

Anybody with basic tool using ability can put this together for a fraction of the cost, once you get the free barrel.

Do NOT get the spigot shown in the photos. Get a threaded 3/4" ball valve. This will allow much higher pressure, allowing you to fill a watering can in seconds, not minutes.

Use a spade bit & a drill to make a hole slightly smaller than the threads. Heat the plastic with a heat gun, hair dryer or torch. Thread it in. Use some teflon tape or silicone to make a leak-proof connection.

Heck, take them to a flea market and sell them for $65.