Good Ideas Compost Wizard Jr.

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Good Ideas Compost Wizard Jr.
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You’d need two of these because of adding fresh stuff to material already in various stages of decomposition. Either that, or you’d have to stop adding stuff in order to give all the original material time to turn into compost.

These are crap. I bought one and it didn’t last a year before falling apart. I posted a bad review with photos on the mothership; they left the review but took down the photos after a couple of weeks - I guess sales were suffering.

This says it all for me!

I have regular garbage pickups that go to a landfill. Anyone think a composter is better than letting the landfill decompose? is it the regular turning to help it mix?

I am also concerned about the smell and neighbor complaints. houses are right next to each other maybe 5 feet apart.

Landfills don’t decompose well. They’ve found VERY old newspapers in them. Landfills are replete with plastics and other trash that actually prevent normal decomposition from happening. Yes, a composter is better for the planet than the landfill.

You obviously don’t garden. There is no better or more natural fertilizer/soil amendment than compost. I’ve been using one of these for about two years without any problem. I did add drainage holes to the base unit to let the extra water drain off after a good old South-Texas deluge.

Btw, my composter doesn’t smell. It has no nose. It also doesn’t stink. :wink:

I agree completely. Landfills bury their garbage continuously, cutting off the air supply required for decomposition.

Landfill space is at a premium just about everywhere now. It is such an enormous problem that many larger cities are forced to ship their garbage elsewhere for disposal.

I was thinking of buying a small kitchen one for collections in between batches in an outdoor unit like this. Perhaps that would improve the timing?

Your comment about the photos strikes a nerve with me. We are in the same boat.

I posted a review on amazon with Three comparison photos in my review for a different product, and Amazon selectively edited out the unflattering pics (posting only one) to skew things in their favor. I found the experience very dishonest and disreputable of amazon. Buyer Beware.

I’ve had mine for a about a year. With the lid closed there isn’t much of an odor, and mine seems sturdy enough. However, it seems to take a lot longer than the manufacturer says for the garbage to turn into compost, more like a couple of months.

Bought one three years ago, no odors, still works, great compost. Saved money and made my own, bought 3 32 gallon garbage cans from Homedepot, drilled holes and more great compost. Again, if just dumping vegetables, coffee grounds and egg shells, no smell. Make sure you use pick to move around and bugs will do the rest.