Good Ideas Compost Wizard Starter Kit, Black

**Item: **Good Ideas Compost Wizard Starter Kit, Black
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Same Product, different part number [i think woot’s might come with some extra goodies]

This seems like a pretty cool holiday gift for a first time home owner.

I wish woot would take my built up Amazon gift card credit…I’d buy this then. Otherwise no cash available for this :frowning:

I’ve owned the composting wizard for 4 or 5 months now. At first I was super excited to use it as an alternative to the traditional turning of a compost pile.

Based on my experience, it doesn’t work nearly as fast as they claim or I would like. I’ve made 1 batch of compost, but it probably should have sat longer. I was simply getting frustrated that I couldn’t start a new load. I didn’t add anything new to the container, I simply put a bunch of materials in when I first received it (worms included) and turned on average once a day.

This is a much better deal than the one I purchased. It was priced about the same without all of the extra goodies. If the composter worked better, I’d definitely buy this assortment.

I’ve had that exact compost crock for 7+ years, it’s great! Paid $30 back in the day. You can leave food scraps in it for a week and it won’t stink up your kitchen (except when you open it to add more).
You can find replacement filters for it at better hardware stores and online.

Not trying to TC but you can get Dueling Tumbler at Amazon for $117. This way you can “cook” in one chamber and keep adding scraps in another one. Alternately, check your city recycling center - some of them provide simple bins for a decent price.

I’ve had issues with composters taking forever in the past too. I even gave one to my mom because it was too slow for me and I was really frustrated with it. I went to visit her a few months later and she’d already pulled two full loads out of it that would have taken me at least six months in a similar climate and sun exposure. Her secret was that she was taking the juice pulp from the neighbors’ juice machine and throwing that in there. Since then I use my vitamix to pulp up whatever kitchen scraps I have and I’ve found that it makes composting ridiculously fast. I guess the increased surface area really makes a big difference to the speed of the breakdown.

Note: this is not a vermicomposter. This is meant to compost HOT. Worms will just cook in here, or escape out the sides to get away from the heat.

I bought this on woot in the past year and am less impressed with this compared to my two old plastic garbage cans. Its been going for 6 months and I make sure to turn it and have correct moisture and correct mix of browns and greens (and I know what constitutes a ‘brown’ and a ‘green’), but the garbage cans just seem to do a better job. This is just for me, your mileage may vary.

Actually, the worms have stayed put surprisingly. All I did was take from a larger free standing composting pile that already had worms in it. Even now when I open the lid I can see the little guys working away. That being said, it is located in a sunny area and I check it often to make sure it is not too dry. Seems like this product is not as great as advertised, based n my experience.