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So, I have had a couple of cats that keep pooping in my garden (generally around the same spot) - this makes it hard to grow anything there. Will this keep the cats out, or would they most likely try to jump up onto it?

I hate to admit this, but I am really unclear on the concept.

This looks useful.

It’s self watering, it’s elevated (less squatting and bending over) and it’ll be easier to control the soil (no weeds and add your own nutrients opposed to dealing with the current unknown state of your soil).

That being said, outside of self watering you can build something similar with with basic tools and lumber from your local hardware store for ~$50. But hey, this requires way less work

Very small growing surface and only 2 feet tall.
Pressure-Treated Wood
Interior Depth: 14" Deep
Dimensions: 41" L x 16" W x 24.75" H
Weight: 60 lbs

To be fair, that height measurement does not include the legs.

To be accurate it does include the legs. It is 14" deep and 24 and 3/4 inches tall with the legs.

Great for me! Can’t get on my knees anymore. Can’t squat…bad knees. So this way I can still grow tomatoes and peppers. Great for elderly or apartment living. No dirt mess from wooden ones leaking on your balcony. Wish I could afford three!, how about a deal for a nice old lady woot? :slight_smile:

Can anybody explain to me how this thing is self watering?

I think it’s short so you could stack them but you could put any length 4x4’s on them that you want.

Oh yeah, did we mention it’s completely SELF-WATERING? Now you can spend more time pruning and harvesting your plants and less time watering. Leave for the weekend with no fear that your plants will continue to thrive. Every Garden comes with a kit of gravel to place over the central drainage screen, preventing root rot. As an added bonus, there are several S-hooks that attach to the Elevated Garden’s lip to hold tools or accessories. Stop paying the neighborhood kids for weed patrol and get an Elevated Garden instead.

Not designed to be stacked. Not only would the legs be in the dirt of the bottom garden the top one would also block sun and rain from the one below.

I really like the idea of this, but I’m not sure about the look of it. I keep thinking that it’s feeding time on the farm when I look at it.

How is this self-watering?
Reading ‘It’s self-watering’ isn’t making it clear for me.
Reading ‘it holds 5 gallons of water’ on their website again didn’t help either.

The water is held in the reservoir under the gravel drain below the dirt you add to the tub. Osmosis draws the water into the soil until the reservoir is empty at which point you refill it. You still have to water it but not as often because of the reservoir.

Sell me 4 garden kits without the gravel and the legs for $100. Then give me instructions for what kind of gravel to get and I will buy my own gravel and legs. OK, I get it…these things are high quality so you probably could sell me 3 for $100 and we’ll all still be happy!

It IS designed to be stacked, note the indentations perfectly situated to accommodate said 4’ legs.

The question isn’t IS it stackable, the question is, how high do you dare go?

They are stackable as it says on the left where it says Magic is Forever.