Good Ideas Palm Rain Saver, 50-Gal, Sandstone

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Good Ideas Palm Rain Saver, 50-Gal, Sandstone
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Made with FDA approved and BPA-free polyethylene

Depending on what you intend on doing with the water collected you may want to know what the container is made of.

Decent deal. Half off manufacturer site and about 30% off Amazon’s price. 4 Stars with 69 reviews.

Thanks! I read every detail I could find on Woot! to try to find this out. I started to wonder if it was made out of fresh cut trees from the rainforest or stem cells since they obviously didn’t want to cough up the info.

Well, well… I was just thinking of getting something like this so I could capture and reuse the brine output from the Reverse Osmosis system I purchased on Woot the other day…

I have other rain barrels. But with this one, how do you clean out the inside muck and algae that grows. Does the top remove?

I may buy this for my neighbor. He thinks it’s acceptable to have bright blue barrels collecting rainwater (that he never uses)in his front yard. At least this thing isn’t an eyesore.

Now that I’ve got that covered I need a solution for the snow sleds that his kids leave on the front lawn until July.

Doesn’t look like it.


From the Q&A of this item on the mothership-------------

Q: Does this rain barrel have a removable lid so that it can be cleaned?
It does not. It has a 5"x5" square mesh screen that can be removed, but not big enough to fully clean the inside. Love it though

5"X5" square is more then big enough to stick a power washer wand through to clean the inside. But if you use the water in it for your garden or flower bed like I do then the water never stays in there long enough to form algae etc.

Notes for those who haven’t used these before: 50 gallons fills up really fast from the downspout during a good rain shower, so if you do want to use one of these, make sure there’s a good place for the overflow to go. The 63 gallon model I have allows you to connect them in series indefinitely so the overflow runs into the next one, and this model does NOT have that feature, so that’s something to think about, too. The rainwater works instead of distilled water if you have plants that can’t take tap water. This winter, it has been impossible for me to use up the 120+ gallons of water I have stored before the next rainfall, but the screens do keep the mosquitoes out.

Off topic, but an easy solution for that is an ad on Craigslist offering FREE sleds. All you have to do is come and get it!