Good Ideas Rain Barrels - Your Choice

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Good Ideas Rain Barrels - Your Choice
Price: $64.99 - 69.99
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Wayfair has some good reviews for the RW40-OAK

Time to check out the product page for the rain saver and got questions? Check out the FAQ

Is it just me, or does that look like an elephant’s leg???

Which brings me to a whole bunch of pertinent jokes, the first of which is “Did you hear about the elephant who was able to drink 50 gallons of rainwater?? He must have a hollow leg!!!”.

This looks like a pretty good deal. The same item is a lot more expensive on Amazon. Other colors are also available on Amazon.

Anybody have any personal experience with how easy either of these are to use with a downspout diverter? I don’t like the idea of the overflow only being a foot or so from my foundation.

Does this barrell come with all of the hardware to hook it up or do we need to purchase a separate kit?

What hardware do you mean?

You don’t need any hardware. Just open the black square hole at the top and run your gutter downspout into it. You’ll need a kit if you plan to link multiple barrels.

Also, remember these barrels do not pump water. There is no mechanical or electrical work to be done. The force of the water coming out of the barrel is solely a product of the amount of water in the barrel.

I bought the 50-gal last time it was on woot, and finally set it up last week. Here in Nor Cal, we finally got some rain this week, and my barrel filled up in only 3 hours of light rain. I put the barrel on a 22" platform I had to allow me room to fill a bucket, or to give some gravity feed to a hose.

You need to get your own kit for connecting to your gutter. There are lots of options for gutter connections, here’s what I bought (and ended up not using)

I ended up just getting a flex tube from Home Depot, cutting my gutter, and attaching the tube:

This works for me because my old gutter just drained at the foundation anyway, but I can un-hook the flex tube and have it direct into another tube if I want.

the barrel seems great, it has overflow holes in the front, and two areas in the back where you can drill a hole to connect multiple barrels… or you could use one of those areas to hook to something that would divert overflow in a pipe elsewhere (even back into your gutter)

net net? I love my barrel, and I will be getting a couple more. I was hoping woot would have them again, but since this one is only 40gal, I’m not buying today. I’ll wait for the larger one.

net net? I love my barrel, and I will be getting a couple more. I was hoping woot would have them again, but since this one is only 40gal, I’m not buying today. I’ll wait for the larger one.

Just wanted to point out that there are both 40 and 50 gal options available today. So you can go ahead and stock up!

Rain barrel. Great idea. IF you have rain. Which we do not. LOL.

Just a reminder that rain barrels are illegal in at least one state (Colorado) and perhaps in others:

correct, but I already have the wine barrel style, and I don’t want a different style. From what I can tell, the 50 gal that is available today is the “elephant leg” style…

Guess they are out of the 50 gallon ones–oh, well…maybe another time

Any one with experience with rain barrels can comment whether this attracts mosquitos to breed in them?

Some people do have problems with mosquitos, so this product was designed to help that issue. I have not had my barrel long enough to know if I will need them:

The one to connect this to something so that the water gets inside… The downspout connector of course.

Looks like @nmchapma replied to you here. Apparently no extras are needed unless you plan to link to another barrel or system of barrels.