Good Ideas Rain Wizard 50-Gallon, Oak

Good Ideas Rain Wizard 50-Gallon, Oak
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Comments/Discussion from a previous offer

Any drought ridden Californians know if we can use the LA rebate with these?

“Good Ideas Rain Wizard 50-Gallon, Oak”…oak plastic, a rare form of plastic from the oak tree !

Start including the stand and the downspout fill kit and we’ll have a deal. “Just the barrel” itself doesn’t really give you a ready to use device with any sort of convenience. You have to buy stuff to get water into it in 90% of installations, and if you want to get water out of it you have to elevate it - so you’re either buying more stuff or hill-billy-ing it up on blocks or something.

No bueno.

Bought one a while back($59.95) and added a stand and cut the downspout so it runs directly into the barrel. Works great and my tropical plants love the rain water

Bought two of these last time they were offered for drought ridden San Diego. One of the barrels had a small hole along the vertical seam, about 3/4 of the way up. I contacted the company via email support and was very impressed at how response they were. They ended up sending me a new barrel, free of charge.

I spent about $10 more for each barrel in supplies to divert the gutter downspout and for cinder blocks to elevate the barrel. They work great. Actually got back more $ in incentive rebates than I spent in total.

Yes! This is soooo true! I bought 2 rain barrels a couple of years back and they are both still sitting in my shed! I didn’t want to put the barrels up on blocks because that looks trashy and I didn’t want to buy ugly downspout angle pieces to try to retro fit these barrels into my existing down spouts.

I’ve found nice 1 piece plastic diverters online and I’ve found the factory stand platforms for the barrels but buying these pieces separately costs almost as much as the barrels cost. I just cant justify spending that much for NICE parts that should have come with the barrel in the first place.

At least give us the option to purchase the diverters and stands with the barrels. Woot is pretty good with the little drop down options box next to item price so why not give us the option to purchase just the barrels or the complete set?

I bought 3 of these last time they were here. One of them had a few pinholes on the bottom seam. I contacted woot about it and they said I could send it back and they’d send me a replacement, or keep it and get a partial refund. I choose to send it back, but the link for the prepaid shipping label said “invalid” or something, so I kept it and plastic welded the pinholes. I contacted woot about this and never heard back, and never received the partial refund. They work great so far, all three are linked together from a 15’ gutter run and fill up faster than I thought here in Southern Cali. Also, the ports where you connect the barrels together are sealed, you have to drill them out before connecting the hoses.

“Wood Alt.”
-Irv Bergman, Woot Copy Editor, Trickery Department.

$5 for a downspout from local hardware store, $20 worth of 2x4s and lag screws to build a 2’ tall table. Handles the weight of a full barrel just fine if done right.