Good Ideas Rain Wizard 50-Gallon, Oak

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I bought this with high hopes to save water, fat chance! Within a month it started leaking in several places. Tried everything to plug leaks. Wasted money

We bought this last summer when it was on sale and set it up in May. No leaks like the other buyer and it has certainly filled itself up. Don’t forget to raise it high enough on cinder blocks that you can get watering cans etc. underneath the nozzle. I would buy again.

Be sure to check local city/county/state ordinances to see if it is legal for water collection in your area.

We’ve had the same experience as jxh042. We’ve had two of them for over a year now and I have no complaints. I used cinder blocks to raise them off the ground.

Mine is 2 years old and works great. I also went online and bought the stand that goes with it.

I would like to purchase two of these. But when I sign in and go to the checkout page, Woot is still showing $11.96 in estimated taxes, despite a Texas shipping & billing address.

Under Texas law, rainwater barrels qualify for a sales tax exemption, when the purchaser provides the relevant form:

Where can I provide this form, in order to get my sales tax exemption?

Bought 3 of these almost 2 years ago and finally got them hooked up in the last month. No leaks. Built some stands out of pressure treated lumber about table height so they’re higher than the stands of the same brand.
Used the Earth Minded diverter kit from Home Depot to hook them up and they work great. just make sure the connection to the gutter is only slightly higher than the connection at the barrel so the overflow backup works correctly as this is not a sealed barrel.
This is the kit from Home Depot I used
Also used this to link two barrels

Anyone have problems with mosquitoes? I don’t want to install a breeding ground.

Get a bat house, they’ll eat them suckers up. But as long as you seal this up you should be able to avoid that.

I have 3 of these bought from woot in Oct '13. (plus some others bought elsewhere).
Here is my take on these:

  1. none of them leaks
  2. no mosquito problems if you make sure the attached screens stay intact.
  3. Elevation is crucial or it is hard to get the water out of the barrels. I have some on cinder blocks and some on a deck that I have attached a short piece of hose to so I can just use the deck height to my advantage (or water the closest plants directly from the barrel with the hose).
  4. hooking up more than one in series and using one drain site is pretty easily accomplished (the simplest way is to use a piece of washing machine connection hose since there is a female at both ends. Attach one end to the first barrel, then attach the other to a ‘y’ connector attached to the second barrel’s hose bib. Voila… two barrels connected! And as a bonus, you can control if you draw from one or both barrels by using the ‘y’ connector valves.)
  5. all my plants seem MUCH happier with rainwater than city (i.e. chlorinated) water.
  6. moving 5 gallon buckets is great exercise. The key is using a bucket with a large handle. If using old 5 gallon sheet rock mud buckets, consider using a short piece of 3/4 inch PVC pipe split down the middle to beef up the handle for comfort. (But for best results see next tip)
  7. The large buckets from kitty litter with the flip top lids (or similar feed buckets etc) are IDEAL for storing water to use in the garden. My recycling center keeps them for me so I have several that I can fill when the barrels are full, move to the garden and stack, then use as needed. Since they have lids, mosquitoes are not a problem. Meanwhile, the rain barrels are ready for the next deluge, and I can extend my capacity. It’s a win/win.
    Overall, I can’t recommend these type products more highly.
    Of course, I live in Alabama, so freezing in the winter is not an issue. But,as always…YMMV.

I began to order 3 of these oak rain barrels and it asked for all my payment info but NO info was furnished on cost of shipping yet. I don’t want to commit to buying these until I know the cost of shipping! JMac

Although the shipping info isn’t stated on the item page, I have never been charged more than 5 dollars total for whatever quantity of a single item ordered here on woot. Here is the details from my order of a single Rain Barrel during this sale.

Subtotal (1)$69.99
Shipping $5.00
Tax $4.50
Total $79.49


Yeah, same here. However, I couldn’t find that listed anywhere on the site anymore to give him a link…?