Good Ideas Rain Wizard 50-Gallon

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Good Ideas Rain Wizard 50-Gallon
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Discussion from a previous deal

Collecting rainwater may be illegal in your state. Please check local laws for guidelines.

I’ll bet it is full of little plastic monkeys!

Buy one, and make it stop raining in your locale! I bought one in May, got it in June. It was rained enough to collect water ONCE, until 8/18. Add a tablespoon of bleach to standing water to clean it up. Keeps the stank out…

AS I live in a state where it is illegal to collect rain water. I wonder if it is legal to collect excess sprinkler water, that came from my sprinklers. Or does the state own that too? (even though I paid for it and was not done with it.)

I purchased a couple of these previously from Woot. They are good quality and do the job. I painted the bands on them flat black and they look good, better than when new IMO. My only gripe was the size of the hole for the water to go in…it is round and about 3-4 inches in diameter. But when the rain is really coming down a lot does not go in so I expanded the hole size with a saw…just took about 5 minutes and now it works a lot better.

I purchased two of these last time they where listed on WOOT, the 3/4 inch valve is poor quality. When the valve was wide open only a small stream would flow. Ended up replacing the 3/4 inch valve with new ones and they work great!

How is this even possible? So it’s better for water to just run off to nowhere? That makes no sense.
Where do you live?

Several states claim that all runoff should end up in local rivers and can fine residents that collect rainwater. I agree that it is rather silly, but until the laws are repealed…

Oh-Ree-Gone (my home state) won’t let me collect rain water. How’s that for a kick in the hazel-nut bag? One of the wettest states won’t let me collect that which it has the most of.

I’m sure they have a good reason though coughMONEY!cough.

I found something that says you can collect it from your roof -

Also another site that has a run-down of states and laws -

Thank you for the good info.
Please disregard my ignorant blathering about Oregon rain collection law.

I have two of these and have this same problem with the valves! I’ve been considering adding a bigger valve or do something different. Takes forever to fill a small 2 gallon sprinkler can

I live in West Los Angeles, where we get about 15 inches of rainfall a year (far less during these drought years). I’m far too lazy to do the math, but I wonder how many years it would take before I collect 50 gallons of water?

Maybe I should skip this one, huh?

Fast Forward to years later after buying these one Earth Day years ago on Woot.

They still work fine. Each fall I dump the water out, flip them upside down, and they sit outside in the winter. Last winter was super harsh and cold - no ill effects. Just don’t store water in them.

Use them as needed, but this summer has been cooler and wetter than normal here in NJ, still glad to have them, used them in a pinch this summer as our local water was shut off for 24 hours as a water main was repaired. Used the water for toilet flushing and hand washing.

Given the ease and cost of shipping, these are a solid deal.

Mine are on a 1’ tall platform made of bricks and some old 2x12" pine boards from a past project. I use a coiled cord style hose with them. A rubber hose connects two of the barrels together.

About 1/2" of rainfall will fill both barrels at any given time. (off my large garage roof…)

You are not accounting for the fact that that is 15" inches per point of the measurement. So if you calculate the square footage of your roof that runs off into you rain gutters, it actually wont take as long as you think.

Just an environmental sciences educator chiming in: rainwater collection is not actually illegal by state law in any state. There ARE laws about surface runoff collection (that would be stock tanks and holding ponds, not rain barrels) to protect watersheds and some municipalities have city codes regarding screening/no open standing water for mosquito control. Denver actually had some of the strictest rainwater use laws because something like 90% of the precipitation that fell never made it to rivers. However, it does not apply to rainbarrels and the laws were scaled back a few years ago. In fact, most rainwater collection laws are actually designed to encourage collection systems in new builds and communities.

Rest assured, the gubmint is not going to come take your rainbarrels. Unless it’s got, like, moonshine in it or something.