Good Ideas Rain Wizard 50-Gallon

Better check your state laws before trying to use one of these. It is illegal in many states to collect rain water.

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I bought one of these for my dad for his birthday one year and he absolutely loves it, but just a few words of caution - it is VERY easy to strip the barrel with the included brass spigot - we did strip it despite our best efforts but managed to fix it with some plumbers tape and putty (it looks like this one includes some “thread tape”, the one I purchased did not, so perhaps the issue with the spigot has not gone unnoticed). Another minor issue is the backside of it is flat, and it does warp/bulge after being full for a while.

Oh and last but not least if you live in a colder environment, since it’s plastic it has to be drained in the winter or it will crack if the water inside freezes.

Despite these issues, he loves it, and he uses the collected water to water the plants and saves tap water.

I don’t know that plastic stuff like this would do well in Arizona, the sun is a killer to such stuff. Other wise I’d be in on it.

Those canvas bag things that grows stuff like tomatoes and strawberries fall apart here in a few months. Come to think of it I got those from Woot…

I tried to do a garden last year but when it hit 114 in mid June everything died…

The plastic clear panels in my bird feeder cracked and fell out in about a year, replaced them with glass. Bought some vine netting that was warrantied to last 5 years only lasted a couple months in Phoenix. Got my money back at least.

If you live in an anal retentive state that doesn’t let you collect rain water I suggest you move, but stay there if you voted for the idiots who passed such stupid crap.

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Good Ideas Rain Wizard 50-Gallon
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Try Krylon plastic paint to slow down the UV deterioration.

On this "illegal to collect rain water thing:

Almost all the states are listed there.

Thank you for that link. It is NOT illegal to gather rain water in most states. There are limitations to the amounts that can be collected but this rain barrel isn’t going to put you over that limit.

Here in FL a 50gal rain barrel fills up easily in a normal rain shower. It doesn’t look like this has an overflow valve. How easy would it be to add one of those to this barrel?

Is it necessary to have a diverter? My husband is worried it will overfill

I just did some research in the good ideas site and it looks like this model has the screened overflow at the top. Much like a sink.

I made a rain barrel from a trashcan and have a few comments for those thinking about going in for one of these.

PLEASE do not make this a mosquito hatchery!

Make sure you put some kind of mosquito larvicidal product in the water. Mosquitoes only need a small opening to lay their eggs in (or above) the water. I use “Mosquito Dunks” that are found in home improvement stores.

Before I plant my garden each year, I bury a soaker hose in my raised bed and attach that to my barrel. The plants are watered at their roots which reduces evaporation and uses less water. I also purchased a timer that turns the water on/off … it makes watering very convenient.

Hope that helps!

What happens when it fills up? How does it overflow? I use gutter extensions on all my gutters to keep the water from seeping back into my fieldstone foundation. I really would like one of these, but if there is no way to divert the overflow away from the spot of the bucket, I would have to pass.

Yep, I was gonna post this but you beat me to it…

Since these are designed to rest against the home and will often be used in fire zones-I wonder if the plastic is fire proof or is inflammable? I guess they’d melt and self extinguish!

Please stop posting this crap. Rain water harvesting isn’t illegal, it’s controlled; and rightly so. The water that falls on your property is feeding the water table for likely thousands of people. almost all states allow personal rain water harvesting for lawn and garden uses.

When you figure out how to stop drinking water that was added to the water table by water that fell on my land then you get to claim the water that fell on yours.


This is a good-looking rain barrel, but like every rain barrel on the market, you’ll need to alter it a bit for a better overflow system that’ll keep the water away from the house foundation.

I had 55-gallon barrels at each corner gutter of our small house in NC. They filled completely in about 10 minutes during the average Southern rain event.

I cut a bigger hole near the top with a circular drill bit, inserted a long flexible sump pump hose, and caulked it inside and out with silicone caulk. I ran the hose away from the house into nearby garden beds or the yard. It’s a quick and easy fix that worked even in super-heavy rainstorms.

I’m having trouble wrapping my mind around the fact that collecting rainwater is illegal! WTH?? Next…I can only breath in certain areas of my yard, or limit my breathing altogether.

Sure, I do understand that we can be collecting 10,000 gallons of rainwater or it’ll mess with runoff. But what if someone has a pretty decent sized garden? And you want several barrels to keep from draining your well. Good grief. (sorry…I feel ranty this morning)

Without a removable top, cleaning out accumulated dirt and gunk will be difficult.