Good Ideas Windsor Composter - Dark Brown

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Good Ideas Windsor Composter - Dark Brown
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as usual the bot gets it wrong. the amazon link does nothing.

I had a similar one in concept - same size and configuration, but a different brand and details (purchased a few years ago at Lowes).

If anyone’s thinking about getting one of these but not sure about how well they work, I can attest that they will chew through pretty much anything you put in there; mine got food scraps, dead garden plants, used valentine’s day flowers, entire garbage bags full of raked leaves, and various and sundry other things. The smell was never an issue - it was kept outside, but even if you were standing next to the thing it was never terribly bad-smelling. And within just a few months of putting pretty much anything in there, I had loads of great useable compost.

Perhaps also a way to keep your neighbors at bay …

Anyone else have an issue with the wheel assembly? Going through hell trying to get them to mount on one side (tried threading it all the way down, but one end is so wide, I can’t nearly make it to where it needs to be). I also cannot fit the 2 white things in no matter what I try (as per the manual and the online video).

2 construction workers said they thought it was due to defective parts.

Sorry you’re having trouble. These have a 1yr warranty with Good Ideas. I’d suggest getting in touch with them and see if they can maybe send just the piece(s) you need.

If you need any additional assistance along the way, you can email with your issue and order info. CS can help get you taken care of.