Good Ideas Windsor Composter - Dark Brown

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Good Ideas Windsor Composter - Dark Brown
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6/5/2015 - $164.99 (Woot Plus)

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At first glance I thought Woot was selling a canon, then I saw it was just a Composter. Got excited for nothing.

Don’t be so sure that the next item won’t be a cannon. Considering how much the same items are reappearing (over and over and over) in different, cleverly-worded ads, instead of a bag of crap it will be a cannon of crap.

Not that I’m advocating this, but with some creative engineering you might be able to turn it into a cannon.

It’d probably only fire once, though, and would be just as likely to make a crater as it would be to hurl any object any distance.

Probably best to stick to the intended purpose.

I bought this about 2 months ago from woot. After putting it together, i thought it seemed pretty odd in the way it flipped.
Basically, it is 2 plastic pieces that push the stand out when you turn it. Even after 10 turns, i could see that they were wearing out.
I contacted the maunufactuer and they said this is normal and the peices will get smooth and work better after time.
Jump to 1 month later when the whole thing collapsed to a 45 degree angle, sideways, due to the peices wearing so thin.
I am still arguing with them about the situation and do not have a good feeling about them resolving the issue.
I ended up having to throw it out since it was impossible to turn anymore and was basically and was filled with an un-turned pool of filth.