Good Kitty, Fix the Sweater

One of the cuter kitty prints that I’ve seen lately… Congratulations on the print, ILoveEwe! :slight_smile:


In Thumbnail form, looked like some sorta of ‘Donkey Kong’ kinda shirt. :’)

Adorable as a basket of…kittens : )


Nice follow up from your derby win. Congrats on the print!

Yay long sleeves!

I thought the same thing.

Thank you for the print Woot!

My first Woot print was a bit over a year ago now :slight_smile: thanks to all the awesome artists and commenters in derbies helping me and other artists improve. Woot has such an awesome community :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone!

The stitches in the white sections are in a different direction than the blue ones.

Just knit-picking. :slight_smile: Is cute, and accurate if followed from top to bottom. One of my cats is forever stealing and neatly unwinding skeins of certain yarn (he likes cashmere, angora, and one very low-micron-count wool) to lay in.

As a knitter who loves cats, it pains me to see the mix of right side up and upside down stitches :frowning: Knitting doesn’t work that way. For something like this, all of the stitches should look like V’s.

In real life, definitely. But in real life, a cat is much much much much much much more likely to destroy a sweater than to properly knit one too – so mixing the stitching is probably the least of one’s concerns. =^.^=

I have Bad Kitty, Not the Sweater! from last year. It’s only fitting that I buy this one.