Good Luck Cat

But black cats ARE good luck. My [other catshirtswoot says so!

The New Good Luck](

Nicely attitudinal

I brake for black cats!

ALL cats are good luck… :slight_smile:

Okay Shirt Woot… 'fess up. I’ve always suspected that you have several cats on your payroll. This shirt write up proves it!

Nobody could have written that unless they were a cat!

According to the catshirtswoot CATalog,

We have 3 tees that have something to do with ‘cat good’

We have 10 tees that have something to do with ‘cat evil’


Keyboard Cat](

Fun Fact: Based on the fairly large statistical sampling of Cats I Have Met (Which is many; I work at an animal hospital), black cats tend to be the friendliest, most easy-going kitties around, especially the males.

Not Fun Fact: Black cats in need of homes tend to get passed over overwhelmingly at shelters based solely on the color of their fur and centuries-old superstitious bullsh*t. Many shelters even offer reduced adoption fees for black cats. Many shelters also refuse to adopt out black cats around Halloween because some people are monsters.

My black kitties are named Wally and Eve and they approved this message.

Black females can be very laid back, too. Two have rescued me over the last 25 years. Both were terribly abused by superstitious humans. One suffered hip damage from being swung by the hind legs; the other was taken to a vet to be euthanized because the irresponsible humans didn’t want her anymore. These black cats have been a joy. I think they must have a better sense of humor than most to have survived such abuse. Ebony has approved my sharing her life story ^…^ .

YES! Absolute Photo PROOF that Shirt Woot DOES have cats on the payroll!!! I just KNEW it… thanks for the proof, Narfcake! :stuck_out_tongue:

(No wonder Cat Shirt Woot is doing so well…)