Good place to find (used?) phone deals?

Well I’m there; in between upgrades and my phone has shattered into uselessness. I’d front the 150 to get it replaced, but my phone isn’t even a very good one.

So I’m wondering if anyone has a good trustworthy link to a site where people sell their phones on the cheap. I’m checking old reliable (ebay) every day but need an alternative. If I can nab an older gen Galaxy (for Sprint) for around 250, the 100ish dollar extra would be worth it in my opinion.

Howdy. I’m sure a couple people might chime in here but

is a great place to ask that question. You might even search the Ask the Community side first because I think similar questions have been asked recently. You might find your answer there.

Good luck.

Thank you, I’ll do that :slight_smile:

A friend just got a cheap phone going through Ting…I don’t know more about it, though.