Good to Go

Yep. Deck stacked a little in favor of novelty inks, I think. Good use of glow in the dark ink to amuse, entertain and inform ; )

Cool! Thank you everyone who voted!

This is my first win ever :slight_smile:

Congratulations on your first print! I love this design: it’s such a clever use of glow-in-the-day.

Hopefully it’s not solar powered, otherwise by the time you know the battery is dead, it will be too late.

Another excellent shirt for nightwear!!

Cool concept! However, is the low battery message still visible when “fully charged”?

Your shirt is the first shirt I’ve ever bought that glows in the dark. :smiley:

Awesome shirt. I was looking for another glow in the dark shirt to sleep in and the one yesterday was too peaceful for me :stuck_out_tongue: As someone on a computer 24/7 I’m loving this design!

Congrats on your first print! It’s always fun to see new artists print. Enjoy your day! :slight_smile:

Love it! It looks great! If I had the money, I’d buy one. But sadly, I do not have the money.

I suspect that will not be the last gitd ink derby we ever have.

Congrats on printing, phox!

Yayyyy! I was so bummed when this didn’t print during the GITD derby, so this makes me happy! Take my money, please. XD

congrats on the first print!

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Will they come back in stock?!?!

Possibly. Keep watching the Plus sales.

I was going to add 2 of these to my cart since I’m buying the MineCraft shirts today for my kids… sigh… make more.

Make it back !

After all this time, my shirt held up and now it’s starting to crack. :frowning: I wish they’d bring it back. Everyone liked it, and it’s one of my all-time favorites. Sigggh.