Goodbye woot


The story…

In the morning I purchased a daily deal and my bank account was charged. Later at night I return home from work to find my order was denied. No email or anything. I just happened to check because I wanted to know shipment info if it had been updated. (I was excited what can I say.) I check my bank account and see a refund. So I send a message to customer service. Hours later I am sent an pre-generated reply saying due to security or my bank blah blah blah. I send another email yet again requesting to know what the deal is. Once again…the same type of pre-generated reply not answering my question. Then after yet another email I recieved a response about my issue being forwarded to the fraud department to make sure my info is safe. NO! This has nothing to do with fraud. Which takes me to a while new set of emails…

“Please contact amazon pays.” So I do. “Umm that is woot. It has nothing to do with us.” Even though my woot account is connected to amazon. Which by the way I use almost weekly and with the same billing info fyi. But hey…security…

Eventually after not being told the reason my only offer is to retry with different payment info. Because you know…the payment info I used 2 weeks ago on short woot, amazon and other online retailers isn’t apparently good enough. It is a bank debit card is use for everything!

But alas! The item was sold out within an hour of my original email. So now what?? Well after absolutely no recourse, a Christmas present being ruined and for the 4th time out of 7 orders in 2 years I am screwed. Oh well right? Woot was better back in the day and I purchased from Woot at least once every other month. But Amazon comes in and it goes to hell. The same as Newegg. Absolute garbage. I’m done. A big middle finger right back at you Woot. Because you know good and well that’s what you gave to me this past day.

Now, maybe this post gets deleted when I delete my account and it’s all for nothing. But…that’s what makes clipboard so awesome because at least it can go on social media so others who have this happen to them can be reminded that you can always just walk away. Peace.


I’m not with Woot and I can’t speak to your problems. I’m sorry you’ve been having difficulties but I can say I placed sixteen separate orders since November 2nd and each one was fulfilled as expected with no problems.

It’s hard to say why the fraud thing got tripped but the problem could have been on your bank’s end, the amount of the purchase looked suspicious, or any number of other things. I hope you’ll reconsider leaving.


Yeah, sounds frustrating. This close to Christmas too! It must have had special shipping to be able to get to you so fast!


Hi there. I’m sorry for the problem. Like most retailers, we use a 3rd party company for transaction verification. Unfortunately, the payment didn’t pass the security checks.

Best thing to do is to make sure that your payment information matches your billing information exactly.

We don’t email because there are a lot of ne’er-do-wells that would like to take advantage of us and we prefer not to let them know that we’re on to them. Obviously you’re not one but they ruin things for everyone.


I actually had to redo my card too, this last order for an unknown reason. I think they might have used a really old card, though for some unknown reason.


Sounds like you figured it out.

high five