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Hey guys, I’ve been spending quite a bit of time with this crowd and just wanted to post a bit more about this website. Since they’re newcomers to the designer t-shirt industry both them and the artists can benefit from some extra participation. Boots mentioned this website to me when I was looking for a home for one of my designs because they like environmentaly friendly themes. I’ll tell you something else, I’m designing again for goodjoe because besides being a great oportunity to get printed among a still small pool of designers, I also dig the donation part.

Here’s how it works: They have an ongoing contest and the admin selects one or two designs every week to print based on quality and how well it ties to the theme. Votes and comments are also considered in the equation. Winning designers will receive $300 cash, $50 in store credit and a $1 lifetime royalty per shirt sold. Students win an additional $200 toward their education. Plus for every shirt sold, goodjoe gives $1 donation to non-profits buyers choose from their list. If you know a worthy cause you think should be added, you can nominate it! Their list of non-profits gets larger every month.

The theme: “What positive change do you envision? It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small. We are here to inspire and create change through creative arts. Submit a T-shirt design with an inspiring message to be eligible for the contest.”

Also: Since they just had their first contest, going on to the second, they’re still shifting their rules and process so this might be tweaked a bit. Right now it’s really refreshing to see a staff team being so receptive to ideas and critiques from designers and actually asking for feedback and changing things around to make it work better. So for all those designers that are burnt out with the fierce competition here and there, and would like to do something smaller and refreshing for a change, here’s a good chance. If you ask me they’re getting off to a pretty good start and as they get more attention it can only get better. :slight_smile:

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Go for it! lo.l!

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