Goody Smart Temp 1875 Watt Blow Dryer



I just bought this last week and it arrived thsi week. Those who use it love it, say it is the best one they have ever used. I have to take their word for it.


I bought a couple of these last week. They are pretty decent. I use these mostly to dry my kids hair after their baths and stuff. I like all the control over the temperature. The fan has pretty good output, but not as powerful as the hairdryers with the AC motors (those are almost like xlerator hand dryers). I’m all about speed so those dryers have a high fan output I like better, cause then I can dry my daughters hair in no time. These are well worth the price and they have a pretty good fan, but you want some air output this one beats it hands down


Ordered this last week from Woot. It arrived Tuesday (great shipping!!). I’ve tried it and am impressed with the features that I hadn’t realized were built in - cool shot and built in breaker. If it holds up for even 6 months it will have been worth the price (and there’s a 3 year warranty).


wait… what happened to the vornado heater??? am i going crazy?


It sold out, check this out instead!


interested to buy this but wanted to know if it supports 110v and 120v ?


I thought: Déjà vu?

Really great combination of control settings. Heat options from scorching hot to slightly lukewarm. Combined with two fan speeds, that’s enough options for drying all sorts of fabrics, shoes, water spills, mirror fog, wet baby buttocks, drenched feet, nail polish and what else. With it one can heat up bath towels, baby blankies, glue residue, spilled wax, labels, wallpaper, frozen locks, frosted windows etc.

Oh, almost forgot; it’s excellent for drying and styling your hair.

Worth every penny.


Too answer this question:

“Do not use in countries with 220, 240volt electrical systems; use only with 110/120 volt electrical systems.”


Hey, I called it!

Is this the first twice-in-one-day non-woot-off home.woot?


Bummed I missed the Vornado
Hmmm… I guess you could prop it in a corner of the room and use it as a heater… (but I bet it wouldn’t be whisper quiet)!!


I wonder if it has the ability to diffuse?


I can’t believe my first comment ever is going to be this, but so be it:

I bought this and it arrived very quickly (thanks woot!) but I’m wondering if I have a dud. It doesn’t blow hot or even lukewarm. And all 10 of the heat settings feel the same. This is my first fancy-schmanc-ish dryer with all the ceramic ionic mumbo jumbo but shouldn’t it have some heat to it? Any thoughts on if it might be a dud?


Previous woot: 79 comments last week, $9.99 also

Previous comment (one thought there were suspiciously too many good comments, although at least one was negative, at the bottom of this list):


Looks like your fancy-schmanc-ish iconic mumbo jumbo IS a dud. Contact Woot, they do take care of the bummers. Mine came - straight out of the box I checked everything and it all works like a charm.


Got mine yesterday. I tried it out this morning. It’s really quiet and the temp controls work well! If I needed another I would be all over this woot again!


Thanks. I shall.


Yeah, that doesn’t sound right. Hit us up at and we’ll be glad to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your order.

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Does anyone know if the concentrator/smoother attachment has a fixed position or if you can rotate it? I love my current hairdryer except that the end isn’t round so the concentrator isn’t adjustable and it’s often awkward to point it the right direction at my hair.


It’s round, snap on, turns 360˚.