Goodyear 3/8-Inch by 50-Feet Retractable Air Hose Reel

**Item: **Goodyear 3/8-Inch by 50-Feet Retractable Air Hose Reel
Price: $109.99
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Very useful accessory for any size shop…even basement or garage shop. No need to rewind air hose after use, as it retracts into the reel and is out of harms way. Air hoses last MUCH longer and stay clean and safe in the reel where they belong…not to mention that it keeps you from tripping on the hose. The price of this reel is great, as I paid much more for mine more than 5 years ago.

$141.25 on Amazon

I need one of these badly

Let’s watch it in action [youtube=97qOecMIAcw][/youtube]

My dad got a cheap one from Harbor Freight and after a couple years the rubber around the hose started cracking. Does anyone know if this one will last longer or should I expect similar results?

Forget the brand (not Goodyear), but my dad had a very similar reel mounted to the ceiling of their garage. Very nice being able to just walk the hose to all tires in a 1-2 car garage rather than wheeling/dragging the air compressor itself around.

I bought a much similar setup to the one you mentioned at Lowe’s, and their no name brand hose has done the same. However, the goodyear hose I bought 10 years ago still looks great.
That said, if you all ready have the retract, just replace the hose for $25.
For anyone that has an air compressor in their garage/shop, these things are great. Soo much easier than coiling up the hose by hand, especially in the winter.

Thinking about picking this up as an interim or supplemental solution to go with my 80-gallon 2-stage compressor – should be fine for most of my needs, if not the “hungrier” air tools for which a 1/2" line would be better suited.

Interestingly, the 3/8" version for sale here gets stellar reviews on Northern Tool ( and everyone would recommend it to a friend, whereas the 1/2" version ( gets terrible reviews and no one would recommend it.

After a 25% off coupon at Harbor Freight their version is $66.75. Even with a Good Year replacement hose it’s still $20 less. There are 25% off coupons on slick deals.

On the other hand a decent hand crank reel runs around 30 bucks. And they’ll probably hold another 50’ if you need more.

That’s what I have and YES it does hold 100’ easily. I purchased mine at Harbor Freight and also got the hose there. I’ve had it 15 years and hose is fine(others have had the hose degrade in 2 years).