Google 13" Intel i5 32GB Chromebook Pixel

Google 13" Intel i5 32GB Chromebook Pixel

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This is the first-gen Pixel Chromebook; I have one of these, and I strongly suggest avoiding this. First of all, it no longer receives software/OS updates from Google, so you’d have to want to try installing a different OS, like Gallium or Neverware Cloudready. Even then, this device suffers from what I believe are three related power management problems: short battery life, overheating, and sluggish performance (the latter despite it having respectable hardware for its time, compared to the other available Chromebooks.)

I think this device doesn’t properly downclock itself or otherwise manage its resources like it should, leading it to drain the battery faster than it should, heat up (even when it’s not doing anything) and thus thermal throttle (which would explain the lackluster performance.) This is in contrast to essentially every other Chromebook I’ve used over the years, thus why I’m advising no one buy it. The 2nd-gen Pixel from 2015 remedied all of the aforementioned problems, and is worth buying used for like $100-200 more if you really want this type of device (although it, too, is out of support and not receiving updates.) There are definitely good, newer options however.


Very much agree here. While there are ways around the end of automatic ChromeOS updates, some easier than others, it is dangerous to use any computer whose last security updates were two years ago and will never get more.
For the same price or a little more, you can get a new or refurb Chromebook with years of OS updates.
Always check here for how long your Chromebook will get Google’s updates:


So this is 2013 machine? C’mon Woot, do better.

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Just don’t buy Chromebooks, period. The end of life support being 2 years was the worst decision Google ever made and ensures the product will be a waste of money. Buy a cheap used/refurb Windows laptop instead that gets updates indefinitely.

The original CB Pixel was supported until Jun 2018, roughly 5 years. The 2015 version is supported until 2021, the recently discontinued Slate is supported until 2026.

That 5-6 years of support puts them in line with Apple.


Will this run android apps?

Some. This article may help.

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Deals like this are quirky to say the least. I bought an old Dell 3120 from woot and put GalliumOS on it and it has become my portable computer for use upstairs, downstairs or in the garage. It was surprisingly capable for a less than $100 laptop. A new OS gave that dated hardware a second life. I look at this deal the same way. The hardware is pretty interesting so getting a lightweight Linux distro on it would make me the coolest nerd on the block. If you are looking to dip your toe into the Linux pool, this can’t be your only computer because you will likely need to tinker with it to get it running well.

I want it, but the last thing I need is another laptop.

Windows 95 still getting updates these days?