google and woot


I know they are affiliated with one another, just check out the source for the main page. Does google eat money to monitor the market? pretty crazy if you ask me i donno though? other thoughts?


nope- I don’t see what you mean.


Ahhhh, now it’s all coming together. Thanks, Josephus.


This is awesome!!!


haha nice pic


WAIT! how do you know that they are affiliated?


Ok, who’s been setting fires?

Just want to sanction them before my trademark police start bashing heads…

#8 ? 0_o ?


I’ll see your link, and raise you:

Google Analytics

Woot hires them to do traffic analysis on their visitors. Well, those visitors who don’t put ‘*’ in a blackhole list at least…


hey! Are you suggesting I need permission to start fires? me?


makes sence with the traffic that this site sees.


when’s the last time you renewed your “Captain Flame secret decoder ring and Liscence” ?

I’ve checked, but I can’t find last weeks mandatory A-57 g, nor the L16 ten - a with e1222 attached in triplicate.


It’s in the mail . . .


According to the original legislation, signed into law by President Reagan (first term), which supercedes any state regulations as it is a federal law, I and the others of my, er, generation, are ‘grandfathered in’, with NO requirement for the forms you are requesting. Were I a young whippersnapper, then there might be some issue, but I am not.


err - the grandfather clause was revoked by the department of homeland security on the off chance that grandfathers could be terrorists.

You are in violation of the secret accords, and should file the IDtenT form immediately…


Did I ever mention that y’all are weird?

Please do not set fire to me.



Request denied…


I am a nice person, and sadly, I give off toxic fumes when set ablaze.


hmmm, toxic fumes…

Failing to see the downside…


It’s been my experience that most males are capable of giving off toxic fumes whether ablaze or not.