Google H2G2-42 Chromecast 1st Gen Black

Google H2G2-42 Chromecast 1st Gen Black

Oh come on this isn’t even close to a deal


Can we get an iPhone 3GS for $200 next?


Seriously, who would buy a first-gen for $18.99?

I don’t usually chime in on these, but this seems… excessive, especially given that the first gen model seems to have common issues with Youtube these days. I need to replace mine because of that…

Yeah…I almost went there until I saw 1st Gen and global version.

One, this is a terrible price.
Two, these units are exceeded in every way by the second-generation Chromecast, and are not worth the cost.

Seriously, potential buyers, this is one to skip. Get a second-gen or a third-gen.

These people?



I could go for a nice Wireless N router. The new AC stuff gives me headaches.

Nah, that’s the 5G.


The better question is not ‘who’ but ‘why.’

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It’s cheap enough, I just got one for screen mirror / why not I’ll play with it. I mostly use my fire TV anyway, but the screen mirroring isnt great on that.

Yup, I have a first gen still, and I gave up using it since it had the hardest time of late even being detected with the Google Home App. I’m waiting for the new one coming with Android TV built in that has a remote.

Because a THIRD GEN is $30 and will ya know, actually work.



Fake! Lol

He’s alive!

Fair point. I did a quick search, but I guess I saw the “ultra” instead at the higher price.

Amazon is having a greedy yard sale.