Google Home Hub with Google Assistant

Google Home Hub with Google Assistant

It is funny Amazon is selling this item on Woot when they are not for sale on

This is not a great deal. These were $99 just before Christmas and you know there will be a better one coming out in Sept/Oct.

I guess if you really need one now.


Yeah this is certified blasphemy…a google item?

After what they did to you with YOUTUBE?!!!

These are regularly $99 many different places.
Wait a few days and save yourself $25.

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I have seen these st Bestbuy for 149.99 but it includes a ($49) google home mini. Sit tight grasshpper…

I actually got my mom one of these and it works great, just sits on the counter and takes the place of meny items in the kitchen. Be it an egg timer, clock, plays music, turns the tv off in the other room, weather station , calendar…Its pretty handy

got one just before Christmas with 2 google home minis for $99. This isn’t a deal at all.


I agree. A Google product on sale at Amazon?! Does Jeff know about this?

This is kind of a bad deal. You can get 2 google home mini’s and this for $129 at BuyDig.

While you may not want the home mini, you can always sell them.


Woot asks (RE Apple, Siri, and Amazon Alexa) what has Google got? To which I answer (though you would need to be fairly old to remember, Barney Google With those Goo-Goo-Googly Eyes. Hit song about 100 years ago.

Better deal on Buy Digg. Not sure if I’m allowed to post specifics. Look to Twitter post

Amazon Sells Home Hub for less than Woot! ??
Is this the same one as Woot?