Google Maps Exploration & Adventure!


I got the idea for this thread after poking around Google Maps (looking for Nessie) and checking out If you didn’t know already, you can see satellite images of pretty much anywhere you want to go on the planet using Google Maps (

Click on ‘Satellite’ on the upper right hand corner of the map then cruise around by clicking and dragging the map and zoom on in. Not only are there interesting structures but you can also find some pretty cool natural stuff in remote places. Click ‘Link to this page’ just above the map controls then copy the url from your browser to post it here! Let’s see what cool stuff we can find and identify.


I found this in Argentina. What the heck is it? Crop circle or something more mundane…?,-61.818867&spn=0.01522,0.029268


a target?




Heh, where the heck is that? UAE?


no clue but obviously someone is up to some no good


My guess is it’s some sort of farm. If you zoom out it’s pretty dang big.

Here’s the Eiffel Tower… In Vegas! All sorts of fun bits if you poke around there, just south of the Bellagio. (Go left to the water thingy.),-115.172491&spn=0.000984,0.001829


you have way toom uch time on your hands…


Actually that’s:


How about the Eiffel Tower in Ohio? :slight_smile:
Kings Island


You found a crop circle just wandering around on google earth? You didn’t just try to figure out when they took the picture of your house from the cars parked near it? You have way too much time on you hands!


I can’t see my house on it so I had to look for something else… Too many trees/low resolution. : P


it looks like it’s one of those irrigation systems that rotates around the field, and it looks like they’re harvesting… maybe hay or some other sort of grain… when you zoom in you can see bales… the only thing is i can’t figure out why it’s green outside the irrigation area… it doesn’t especially look like that particular kind is necessary there, since everything else around it is growing without the round irrigation… i’ve only ever seen the round kind flying over the deserts out west, and it doesn’t look very desertified in this image…


Oh, OK, but a crop circle in the middle of nowhere! You need another job!


looks like it…


Honestly it took me about 5 minutes. I scrolled down to see South America, zoomed in on a really bright blue body of water, then ran into it just north of that.


How about the The Birthplace of Modern Aviation, the flightpath of the original Wright Brothers powered flights. (The same site as their earlier glider tests as well)

Zoom out to see an overhead view of the Wright Memorial, and just how close to the Atlantic Ocean they were.

(Also kind of fun to pan up and down the coast and see if there are any sunbathers on the beach or rooftop decks … :slight_smile: )


Type this into google earth: 35.6201766285, -115.383210923 and then zoom in on it.
or click on the link and OPEN it in google earth

I couldn’t get it to come up on google maps


Heh, the web based one must have an older map.


Name this place!