Google Nest WiFi Router + 2 Points

Google Nest WiFi Router + 2 Points

Does anybody have an opinion on these? I am not interested in the Google assistant but want a good wifi system for the house.

I actually just bought a two pack from the Google site for around the same price. This is a good deal! Returned the one I got from them directly for this deal.

Only used the product for a couple days but so far so good. Google makes great and easy to use tech.

My sister has these and she says they’re terrific. She’s in a large house with three stories.

It was 279.99 before

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These are a quality item. I use the previous version and they are bulletproof and easy to own. These are a little faster and a little higher coverage than the previous version.

They are basically a ‘set and forget’ process. One very good point is that software updates happen automatically so you know you are always on the latest software release.


I got a set at $279. They work great for our large house. We also just moved, and took these with us, plugged in to our new cable modem, and bam – same wifi network throughout the house. Works well with Google Home app. You can turn off the mic on each device to disable google assistant (which we do). We’re also buying a fourth router to put ethernet in my wife’s office, and it’s just plug-n-play easy. Highly recommended.

Google makes a wonderful mesh system. You only need the most basic technical knowledge to install/activate them. You download the app and follow the on screen prompts. We have the first generation Google mesh system in our homes. The difference between the two is that this mesh system contains the Google assistant. A nice feature if you aren’t already part of Amazon’s Alexa/echo ecosystem as we are. The downside, as I understand it, is that these “hubs” do not have Ethernet ports on them, which is a very nice feature to have. Our first generation Google mesh have these ports and we have our streaming devices plugged directly into the hubs. Also the first gen, if you can get them, usually run around $179 for three.