Google Nest WiFi Router + 2 Points

Google Nest WiFi Router + 2 Points

Got this a few weeks back, No more buffering!!! It was a daily occurrence before getting this Google Nest Router and 2 points. It was a game-changer for us. Tons of WiFi devices in our home. This thing rocks! It is odd to me that I can be near the router or one of the points and it may only show 2 or 3 bars signal strength, but never drops or buffers. When I set it up I had 4 TV’s running at the same time, one streaming a movie and the others streaming different video content and services. This thing didn’t even flinch. Love it so far.

Does it really only have a 90 day Woot warranty? It’s brand new, that doesn’t make sense.

It is one year from Google in the documentation that comes with it. 100% brand new and some of the best packaging I have ever seen.

But would Google honor it being sold from Woot?

Remember Woot is owned by Amazon. Docs, state as long as it is new in the original packaging, which it is, they will cover it. I was on the fence for quite a while, glad I finally got one before they sold out. Working GREAT for us.

Thanks. I think I’ll pull the trigger.

I have 4 or 5 items plugged into my existing Netgear router.

This appears to have no way to directly hook to the router?
My Ooma & security system needs to be plugged directly into a router and I like our main computer to be directly hooked to it.

Check out the NetGear Orbi - both the router and satellites have ethernet ports you can plug into. I have the RBK50, love it. They show up here from time to time…