Google Nexus 10 32GB Tablet

Switch this from “refurb” to “new” and I’m in.

I have the Nexus 10 32 GB and proclaim my love for it. I use it a lot and it has been fantastic. Totally smooth, fast response and great screen. I highly recommend this. Get it!

I also have to show my love for this tablet, Have the 16gb version and its amazing. Would recommend to anyone. One note would be the rubberized back strip is popping out a little bit on mine, picked it up on release day last November but other than that, been a solid device.

One down side: lack of official accessories is a bummer. Google just released a cover for this model and it is meh. There are a lot of 3rd party cases and covers which are far superior. I’m patiently waiting for a dock.

The 1 year warranty makes this highly discounted price (typically $500) very much a good deal.

As a guy who works refurbishing electronics for a different company… I’d rather buy refrub stuff than a new item that was built buy a Chinese guy who, last week, was a farm hand.

Neither Engadget’s Review or Tom’s Hardware Review,3410.html have swayed me into pulling the trigger.

Knock 30% off the 16gb model and I am in!

Another thing worth noting is “Its a Nexus”. So it will receive new software updates faster than any other android tablet. And the dual front speakers provide awesome sound.

Woot staff…

Resolve this order cancellation request:

…and I will be able to purchase one of these Google nexus tablets or another tablet depending on what’s still available on woot when you get around to cancelling the linked order.


This tablet is awesome… don’t hesitate if your are in need of one.

Have had one since January. It’s amazing! Great tablet, amazing picture quality, extremely easy to use, and syncs up to your google account. If you have the Nexus phones and/or a Gmail account, you’ll be changed forever.

I am so pissed. I have bought two tablets during this woot off and the tablets keep getting better and better. I got the Asus TF300T Transformer 10.1 and the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0. But the Nexus is the one I wanted all along!

Woot, cut down on the refurb’s
Way to many things sold here are refurbished.
if they are not factory refurb, dont bother. 3’rd part refurb places suck!

Shoot an email over to customer support and see if they will cancel one, or both, of the orders and get this one.

Is this manufacturer refurbished or? Details on it please!

The warranty is “Samsung” which makes this tablet for Google (the smaller tablet is made by Asus and the latest Nexus phone is made by LG).

Official accessories aren’t usually all that great and cost way too much. You can generally get great stuff on Amazon or eBay. For instance, this dock looks fantastic…

I have bought a bunch of ‘refurb’ products from Woot. One of them may have been in fact refurbed. The rest looked, felt, seemed, etc. brand new.

Your experience may vary but my guess is manufacturers that need to sell a certain product but don’t want to reduce the retail price simply mark a set as ‘refurb’ and this justifies the discount.