Google Nexus 10 32GB Tablet

**Item: **Google Nexus 10 32GB Tablet
Price: $329.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Refurbished

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Here what people are saying about this over at the Product Page

This is the tablet both I and my wife have and we both love it. Availability of alternate builds makes tinkering-me happy and vast availability of games to play addicts my wife. Add in books, movies and video (2560x1600, even better resolution that my $500 monitor at work!!!), easy browsing, etc, etc.

We’re happy. If I had the money I’d buy one just as a backup.

$50 more last week? that shouldn’t upset anyone.

[MOD: Refurbished (last week) vs Factory Reconditioned (this)]

I posted this on Deals

Same item, NEW (not refurbished) for $20 more. 1-year warranty included and Free Shipping.

They’re starting to pop up on Ebay at similar prices, though infrequently. $360-380 still seems to be the average range. I’d jump on this without thinking twice if I was in the market for a tablet. I have a Nexus 7 and I’m quite happy with it, so I probably won’t be making a tablet purchase for a minute.

I own this one.
This situation is a rare example of where an upgraded version is about to be released and I’m not even slightly tempted to purchase (the second gen nexus tabs). This one is still easily enough.
This thing is lightning fast and the display is utterly ridiculously sharp.

I’d buy it again.
The only down side is a very surprising lack of accessories from Google. There’s almost nothing available other than the pogo cable for faster charging (you will need this).

This is a great tablet with an absolutely fantastic screen. At this price it is kind of a no brainer if you need something in your hands ASAP. However, prospective Nexus owners should keep in mind that a refresh is likely to come just about any day now and it may be worth holding out if you aren’t in particular need of a tablet just now. calls this “perfect”

and great reviews (4.6 out of 5.0) over at

Let’s check out a video [youtube=AYgQOLNbxtc][/youtube]

Loud wallpaper included.

I bought this from here awhile back and wish I had bought it new. Not because The one I bought was in any way bad, or defective but because it was so freaking awesome! You will not be upset with this purchase.

Just a warning, but chances are a new Nexus 10 tablet will be coming out TODAY. They may just introduce the phone and leave it at that, but chances are…

Yes! I just ordered this! No tax either, while here on woot total would be around $360 after tax + shipping. Just food for thought, Sorry Woot, beat ebay.

$15 more for a new one from ebay (not even counting taxes) wins it for me any day. Now…does anyone have $400 I could borrow?!

@luke975, the $50 lower price could be due to the new one being closer to coming out… or perhaps Woot values a Samsung 90-day warranty (past Woots for this) $50 higher than a Woot 90-day warranty (today’s Woot).

If intended, a clever way to discount it further whilst having an explanation for the prior Wooters.

(Thanks for the historical links, @lichme!)

Thanks, I didn’t consider the warranty differences.
the fact the new ones closer to coming out doesn’t make sense to me as the last one that sold for more was last week, if it would have been a couple months or so, sure that would make sense.

  • And that eBay seller has a 99.3% rating for over 23,000 reviews.

  • Free shipping makes the New unit on eBay only $15 more vs. Woot’s refurb with Woot warranty.

But you have to wonder about their claim it is 50% off - did anyone ever really pay $700 for one of these?

I will never buy an Android device again.

I got my first Android tablet for one of the kids a couple months ago.

A lack of ability to restrict what the kids have access to, and - most of all - ads everywhere.

Frequent, irritating, inconvenient, and potentially inappropriate ads. When you most need there to be no ad at all. On a device you PAID for. Screw Android. I hope it rots in hell.

Yeah, iOS 7 sucks too - just not nearly as bad. Maybe I’ll have to try a Winblows one soon…