Google Nexus 7 16GB or 32GB (Gen 2)

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Google Nexus 7 16GB or 32GB (Gen 2)
Price: $189.99 - 219.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Monday, Jan 13 to Thursday, Jan 16) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Check it out on the Asus Website or read this Endgadget Review

I know there are probably reviews like this all over, but I figured one more person’s experience couldn’t hurt.

I picked up the 32GB version about four months ago (start of the semester) both as a textbook replacement and just to have a mobile device (I’ve only ever had a dumb phone, and I’m a programming student looking to get into Android and web development), and I absolutely loved it. It has good battery life, good power, a descent camera, and a good screen. It’s a well-rounded, all-in-one package for a very reasonable price. About the only thing it’s missing is an SD slot of some kind, but you can supplement it with the proper usb dongles.

That said, the cheap price comes at the cost of manufacturing quality. I exchanged my first one within two weeks because one of the speakers buzzed very noticeably at certain frequencies (not secured properly to the case). A month ago, it just stopped working (stuck on the Google boot screen). I tried resetting it, flashing back to the Google factory image; nothing worked. I finally sent it in to ASUS (the RMA process was fairly painless) and am waiting for it to come back.

So while it’s a great device, it’s not as great for dependability. But, if you’re not worried about possibly having to send it in, I wholly recommend it as a small-form tablet. Hopefully these refurbs have the initial kinks taken care of.

I’m typing on this exact model right now, and I absolutely love it. The model had a few bugs in the early days, but the only one I’ve experienced is the occasional spontaneous reboot. It has happened about once a month. Oh, I did have multi touch issues once, but (deliberate) reboot fixed that.

However, I once bought a refurbished tablet and it died in 9 months. So I’d suggest the extended warranty.

But by the time you’re done paying for that, you’re within a couple bucks of MSRP. So you might as well buy a brand new one, which COMES with a one year warranty.

But as far as the tablet itself goes, I think its the best small tab on the market. The two gigs of RAM really makes a difference in performance, I find.

great reviews (4.6 out of 5.0) over at and “excellent” review over at cnet

I feel it’s unfortunate that some simple video out solution want built into the Nexus line. Most methods I have come across require since sort of hack and/or extra hardware/software.

I too am typing on this very model. It is the first tablet I’ve purchased and I love it. I got the 32 gig for 220 at staples during the black Friday sales. My friend bought this tablet a few days back at best buy for 230, I believe. If this sale is for refurbs, I would recommend hunting around for a deal. You will either find a new one for the same price or a little more expensive, but with a better warranty.

I don’t have a second gen - but I do own a 1st gen one since the day it came out. I got it since it was cheap and I liked the idea of a smaller device for reading (compared to my my iPad 3 - now the Air). I have found it to be a tank - dropped, dragged etc. Still working as well as a Tegra 3 device can be.
Love it and would upgrade probably to the next gen. I expect the second gen to be as well made.

That said, I don’t think its a good price. Staples usually have $50 off coupons (so ends up as $180 + tax) and you get a new one too.

Woot deals are getting crappier by the year. Looks like 2014 is gonna continue the trip down the drain.

Pricing clearly excessive for refurbs. Pricing typical of Woot 2.0

Right now = $ 199 2nd gen 16GB,Brand New! @ Best Buy{adtype}:{network}&s_kwcid=PTC!pla!{keyword}!{matchtype}!{adwords_producttargetid}!{network}!{ifmobile:M}!{creative}&kpid=1484847&k_clickid=3f6cf59d-06ce-25e9-2bb1-00001c96c8ef

And the Best Buy deal came with a $25 Google Play credit…

I bought two of these for X-Mass presents (wife and her Aunt). I already owned and have been using a Surface Tablet for a few months leading up to the end of 2013

Comparing the 10" Surface to the 7" Google Nexus, I like the portability of the 7" screen but there are times the 10" is nicer for reading

Heck, get both!=:-)

As to the pricing question…the current woot does seem high although it is off the retail price of new, just not enough for most wooters here and I’d have to agree

I looked at the remaned gen 1 woot was offering before X-Mass and thought that price was high compared to what a new gen 2 was going for but if you want one and don’t mind paying the asking price here, it is a nice tablet

Some have mentioned glitches with the gen 1 and gen 2 Google Nexus. I’ve had my Surface lock up once already, remedied by touching the windows icon and the start button simultaneously…I may have had to use multiple taps on both to get it to restart

Back to the Google Nexus 7 tablet. From the use I’ve had with it the past two weeks (I added myself as a user on my wife’s tablet), for those on the fence thinking of getting one of these…go for it, it’s a nice bit of kit. It’s faster than the Surface, more apps are available for it if you’re into that sort of thing. I’m a bit of a low tech user wanting a tablet mainly to read mail, surf a little bit

If I had a gripe, there aren’t any covers available for this tablet to speak of as of yet (gen2), at least the last time I looked several days back. I’d prefer a silicone type cover like I have on my windows phone…something cheap and cheerful that would protect the frame in a minor fall with a hard floor. others may have better and different ideas

. . . and remember when they sold stuff that worked?

. . . and remember when they used to ship everywhere and not cut out places like APO addresses on a huge number of shipments?

I have to agree with you and others. I pulled my order history for all of last year and I found a grand total of 7 things where I used to get a whole lot more.

Of those, the refurb tablet was so bad it died immediately after the 90 day warranty, one was canceled because they could not ship it, the blue-ray player didn’t work out of the box (refunded), one was a media player that was such a piece of junk it failed after one charge, and another order took over 2 months to show up in the mail.

The pricing has been a huge driver in the lack of wanting to purchase things.

I own two of these, paid $269 retail for each of the 32gb’s I have. I love them and highly recommend them as an inexpensive alternative to the iPad…

Have had mine for many months. I use it heavily. It still has spurious re-boots about once a day.
Has the most recent kitkat 4.2.2

Just want to agree with what everyone else is posting have two of these tablets and love them. But the pricing here for a refurbished product is just to high. Especially given the return policy here. As a long time wooter I hate to say it but do your self a favor and shop around.

I would agree, I got a refurb 2nd GEN 16GB for $155 a couple of months ago.

I am forced to agree with other here. I have been here since 2004, bought many refurbished items without issue. Before the transition I had 1 refurbished hard drive DOA and the old WOOT took care of it almost immediately. To compare to todays experiences, I order 4 of those solar powered spot lights, they were cheap, about $3 a piece I believe. The box came with only 2. Like someone else here this time the response has been none. Now granted it has been the holiday and Woot is no longer a diamond in the ruff and more people know about it so there is a greater volume of activity and fortunately or not it shows in the pricing and the service. Now you have multiple vendors selling via Woot, you no longer are dealing with Woot only. In the past if you had a problem and Woot had no more of an item they refunded your money immediately. Today you get “we are contacting the vendor” message followed by “the item is no longer available” only to see it pop up again 4 days later on another section of Woot… Clearly an indication to me Woot is now a portal instead of a direct vendor. I understand all this, I am not knocking it, that is capitalism and I am a supporter of it. Great for Amazon [who now owns Woot if you did not know] I agree but for us die hard Wooters it is not what brought us here in the beginning and had us coming back every single day in the early hours of the AM to see and get that great deal before its gone has is now also gone… Thank you Original Woot for all the great times… you will be missed.

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I also agree, I am battling Woot regarding returning a POS Belkin router I bought. It took too long to hear back from them and the process has just started. I am going to do my research on line and buy from a store when I can, as far as electronics are concerned.

What (if any) warranty is there?