Google Nexus 7 16GB or 32GB Tablet

Pick-up an OTG-USB thumb drive $25 for 32GB. These have a micro USB port on one side and a standard USB port on the other side. These make transferring files faster and easier, in addition you can even play the files from that device. I use it with my Samsung S4- a lot faster transfer speed and less BS compared to going direct from the phone to the computer.

this is the one I got- but there are a bunch to choose from:

for the Nexus 7, you will have to purchase this app (Nexus media importer)though:

for a guy who doesn’t need the rear camera, is the 2nd gen so much better than the 1st gen that its worth paying $50 more?

Honestly the 2nd gen improves on the first in so many ways I would say yes. The screen resolution alone is almost worth the price difference in my opinion. You add in the faster processor and other improvements and I would say go for the 2nd gen. I love mine. Just not sure buying a refurb here versus a new one somewhere else for a fairly minimal price difference makes sense. Especially given the reports of various issues with some of these Nexus tablets. Seems like if you get a good one your are golden. If not you could experience various problems. After my glowing recommendations to a colleague he picked up a 32 GB model new for around $210 at office depot. His got stuck on rebooting and simply would not work. Returned it and his new model has been going strong for almost 2 months with no problems. Anecdotal I know but I have been following the Nexus forums fairly closely and this is something to keep in mind. Ease of return could be important.

Could anyone confirm if this model has a build in GPS sensor? I see it mentioned in one comment about battery life and it is listed as a spec on amazon (if I have the correct model). Just want to make sure because I would like to use this as an offline navigation unit in my jeep with pre downloaded google maps…I love the app my phone and would love to have running full time on the larger display for navigating.

This does have a GPS and it works great.

Buy an ipad mini? Wouldn’t you rather have 2 of these for about the same price?

I have one of these and it’s fantastic. I moved to this from a 10" tablet and it’s so much more convenient I wished I had done it months earlier. The kitkat operating system is much better than older ones, less like a toy, more like something you can use reliably.

One thing I love about this tablet is it fits in the back pocket of my jeans, INCLUDING the flip cover. So it goes with me everywhere. Tethered to my phone it works great everywhere too. It’s very fast, amazing looking screen, flawless video, easy to type on (especially swipe).

It’s a great machine at a great price.

It uses a standard micro-usb charger so if you want to use it in an auto you can use a standard cell phone charger.

I got the 32GB model but I have a usb dongle that works so I play most everything off an external drive so I probably should have saved my money and gotten the 16GB model.

Does the 32GB version have LTE / HPSA (aka 4G wireless)? Part number NEXUS7 ASUS-2B32-LTE does, part number NEXUS7 ASUS-2B32 does not …

My wife got one of these for me as a Xmas gift. I loved it from Day 1. However, just the other day, it quit working. I spent a couple of hours on the phone with Asus, and they won’t honor their warranty. Fortunately, Woot is stepping up to the plate, but I’ve lost all confidence in Asus. Just sayin’.

I bought a refurbed Tivo HD and Dyson Vacuum 6 years ago (had to look that up - holy crap, I didn’t realize it was that long ago). You’d never know they weren’t new. They both arrived in great condition. The vacuum is going strong. The Tivo just died last week because of bad capacitors on the power supply, but that would have happened even if it were new. I’ve got a new PSU on the way and expect it to be up and running again soon.

I snagged a new one of these a few weeks after Christmas and love it. All the pros people are listing are spot on.

The downsides to mine (16GB model) are that it will occassionally randomly reboot, maybe thrice per week, the screen will sometimes not register my touches (very rare, but it happens), and maybe twice in two months it has shut off on its own and refused to turn back on…at first. I found out via Googling that if you hold down the power button for about 45 seconds it powers back up.

Overall I’m still very pleased and don’t regret the purchase. I’ve found that the rebootnig and screen issues are well documentd via various forums. I may end up exchaning mine before the year warranty is up. However, I would imagine that the refurb on Woot’s have cleared up any of these potential issues.

I got my 32 gig right before Christmas for $220 and I love it. also factor refurb, no problems so far. initially I wanted the Samsung 10.1 for the screen size, but opted for the Nexus 7 because of the specs and I’m glad I did. an added bonus of the 7" form factor is that even with a case, I can fit it in the back pocket of my jeans and in the middle console of my car. for my usage at least, the portability has become more important than display size. if you’re on the fence, just pull the trigger.

that’s a bummer, glad I haven’t experienced that. I have had it randomly restart a couple of times, but no more frequently than my iPhone.

Thrown this out there before, but my wife and I both have Nexus 7’s - she has the first gen (16 GB) and I have the 2nd gen (32 GB). She is totally fine with hers, not being a big tech nerd, but I find hers to have a much slower response time than mine, and the screen on my 2nd gen is much more vibrant. The camera on the back isn’t anything to write home about but it’s there. I tried a number of Galaxy Tabs before settling on this and I love it. Paid original MSRP of $260-something when they were new, so this is a pretty good deal on tech that is less than a year old.

Picked up the same deal! Thanks for posting nyisless13

I bought a refurbed MP3 player (Sansa e250) from Woot in November 2007 that still works fine. It’s my day-to-day workout player because really, at this point, I don’t care if it gets damaged and dies. But it’s still going strong.

/not a tablet, but still

If you’re getting one, Amazon has a good deal on a case right now. ($5.99, prime eligible)

If you want a one year warranty you’re saving like $20 over new. I’m not so sure this is much of a deal

One hand if it had problems, will prob be out of the box

Other hand, that means sending it back and forth to get it fixed.

My refurbished experience from woot has been extremely poor except roombas three diff stereos all does just after 90 days.

Also, and maybe this is a woot star app issue, but I’m seeing list price at $500…what?

I’d agree with this…however I am also getting sick of apple,s comstant interference with what I can and can’t do. Apps like nzb unity etc can’t make it.

Wanting to buy a product a!= wanting to buy that company’s morals and ethics.

I, looking to,get out of apple. But I agree. It’s too marrow. Just a little too much so that it’s annoying.

I’m of the opinion that alot of those returned had problems like those you mentioned, I know mine did. It rebooted a bit more and the touch recognition was terrible, unusable at times. If they haven’t come out with a new revision since launch, I don’t think they have a fix for the hardware problems they could put into the refurbs. I can’t imagine they spend a whole lot of time looking at a unit when they get a return. Power on, short test. Pass? Clean it up and box it. They aren’t going to catch something that happens every few hours or days.

I’m sure some of these will be bad, no idea what percentage though. Definitely take ease of return into consideration.

The refurb Vizio tablet I brought from Woot died within 4 months due to a defective usb power connection (crappy design). Vizio’s answer was tough luck. I’ve seen where the 1st gen Nexus had that problem as well but have not seen that with the new ones.

My opinion on refurbs in general is that overall they can be a better product because the device has had some one-on-one tech time at the repair center vs the assembly line. The issue comes when their is an overall design flaw. The refurb is just going to patch the problem and not solve it then.

I own this tablet in 32GB, and brought from Amazon warehouse Deals used like new for $234 a month ago. I would not consider buying a reconditioned product with the price of new.